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Is Your Commercial Cleaning Company Making the Grade?

Posted by Mitch Hesson on Fri, Apr 11, 2014 @ 08:14 AM

Commercial Cleaning Company resized 600Ask around and some facilities managers will tell you that commercial cleaning companies are all the same, but that's not true. Like nearly everything else, there are A+ commercial cleaning companies, there are cleaning services that deserve a big fat red F for Fail at the top of their papers, and there are other commercial cleaning services that fall somewhere in between the two extremes. You and your facilities deserve a high level of cleaning and maintenance from your commercial cleaning company. Are you getting that? Is your commercial cleaning company making the grade, or consistently failing to deliver on the job promised? And how do you communicate with a commercial cleaning company that's earning a solid C? Is it possible to address the issues, improve communication and get better service without switching to a new commercial cleaning company? Can you afford a better cleaning service? What makes for an A+ plus commercial cleaning service and how do you figure out who's going to make the grade?


What Makes a Commercial Cleaning Company Exceptional?
There are a number of factors that set truly exceptional commercial cleaning companies apart. First, a reputable and experienced local Michigan commercial cleaning company will offer clear pricing. Not only are they confident enough to give you the information to compare the cost of their services to that of another cleaning company, they understand how important it is that you know exactly what you're paying for. How else can they ensure they deliver the kind of service you expect if everyone's not on the same page. All too often shady or inexperienced commercial cleaning companies have very confusing pricing or the underbid on the business to lock you in, only to come to you later for more money or simply stop doing some of the work they agreed to do.

The best commercial cleaning companies know that they are in the people business first and the cleaning business second. Find a commercial cleaning company that takes the time and effort required to find the best people, and you will likely get a cleaning service that will make the grade. Any commercial cleaning company that isn't doing all of their due diligence puts you, your employees and your facilities at risk. Don't let a subpar commercial cleaning company trade you down with illegal hiring, unscreened or improperly screened in ploys in your building at night or OSHA violations.

A high-quality commercial cleaning company will have a formal way to address any issues or concerns you might have. Any experienced commercial cleaning company knows that problems are bound to happen but what matters is how quickly and on target issues get resolved. If your commercial cleaning company does not have something solid in place to deal with your issues or concerns, they are not serious about service.

Lastly, the best commercial cleaning companies take their business seriously. From their employee training to the products and equipment they use, they understand how each decision they make affects their business and that of their customers. A commercial cleaning company in Michigan were working with will be enthusiastic and professional about the work they do.


How Can You Weed Through All the Commercial Cleaning Companies to Find a Winner?
Weeding through all of the commercial cleaning companies in Michigan is a serious undertaking. Unfortunately, checking references, confirming training procedures, establishing that a commercial cleaning company is properly screening and training employees all takes time. Yet, leave these important stones unturned and you are all too likely to end up with a commercial cleaning company that underperforms or worse. The problem becomes that a commercial cleaning company that wants your business can say anything. It is up to you to confirm what you're being told, to dig a little deeper to make sure that all those wonderful assertions your commercial cleaning company makes actually hold water. The good news is that once you find a commercial cleaning company that delivers on the promises to you, cleaning and maintaining your facilities is much, much easier. Still, many facility managers ask the question, is there an easier way?


Finding the Best Michigan Commercial Cleaning Service Might Be Easier Than You Think
There is in fact, an easier way. The ISSA is a professional organization that works with commercial cleaning services and the cleaning industry. The ISSA offers something called CIMS, the Cleaning Industry Management Standard. This extra, voluntary certification requires that a commercial cleaning company reach and adhere to the highest industry standards set by industry leaders. The CIMS certification is difficult, it is rigorous and only the most professional, dedicated commercial cleaning companies reach for it. By choosing a Michigan commercial cleaning service that has attained the CIMS, you are guaranteeing that you are doing business with the commercial cleaning company committed to the highest industry standards.


Getting Your Commercial Cleaning Company From Good To Great
Perhaps you have a good local Michigan commercial cleaning company, but they're not great. Is it possible to work with them to raise the grade and get the level of service you feel you are paying for? It is possible but it takes effort. Cleaning companies are only as good as their communication with clients and if they are feeling to be responsive to what you need, it's up to you to move communication in the right direction. Consider sitting down with the commercial cleaning company to review your cleaning spec to make sure you understand what it is you're paying for and everyone is on the same page. Figure out what you need and then asked for it. A good commercial cleaning company that values your business will work hard to bring their service up to your expectations. If you go this route and you still aren't happy to give commercial cleaning services, it may be time to move on.


When to Graduate to a New & Better Commercial Cleaning Service
Although it can be challenging to find the best commercial cleaning service, they are available. What a difference it makes for most facilities managers not to have to micromanage their facilities cleaning crew. One of the benefits to outsourcing your commercial cleaning is to get some of the day-to-day management responsibilities off your plate. If your commercial cleaning service is failing to do this you are likely doing work that you are paying them to do. If this is the case, start the process now of looking for a new and better commercial cleaning service. Whether you get referrals from other facility managers or you use the ISSA CIMS certification to put together your short list of prospective commercial cleaning companies, you can find a commercial cleaning company that thoughtfully cleans and maintains your facilities and earns straight A's.


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