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Five Harsh Realities of Medical Cleaning

Posted by Mitch Hesson on Mon, Dec 17, 2012 @ 11:08 AM

medical-cleaningHere in Michigan, we boast some of the greatest hospitals in the country, but if Michigan’s medical cleaning standards aren’t set high, then the performance of doctors and nurses, no matter how excellent, is utterly pointless. 

Michigan medical cleaning services is an important job that can make or break a hospital or doctor’s offices reputation. Furthermore, medical cleaning can even save lives. Check out these top five harsh realities of Michigan medical cleaning to better understand how your janitorial services are impacting the state of your medical facility:

  1. Many Michigan medical cleaning companies are not always cleaning for health. Under trained employees may just assume that if it looks clean than it is clean. In reality, we know that they are thousands of invisible organisms just waiting to invade patient’s bodies when they visit the doctor or hospital.
  2. The secret to Michigan medical cleaning is all about a well-trained staff that knows how to clean efficiently and isn’t in a rush. They pay special attention to “touch-points” throughout a building; areas like door knobs and light switches that are the first places sub par Michigan medical cleaning companies miss. A good cleaning company will have a checklist to make sure that these small, but crucial, areas are not over looked.
  3. Your office phones may be what is making you sick and tired. Many Michigan medical cleaning companies often overlook the phones and no not specify them as part of the workload. Take a moment to check if your cleaning company is taking care of your phones. If not, you may want to use an antibacterial disinfectant wipe to clean the notoriously germy phones yourself.
  4. In the United States, there are an average of 99,000 deaths per year that are a result of hospital acquired infections. A good Michigan medical cleaning program can help to significantly reduce this unfortunate and preventable fact.
  5. You HCAHPS score are greatly impacted by the state of your medical cleaning. Question number 8 on the survey reads: “During this hospital stay, how often were your room and bathroom kept clean?” Every point on the HCAHPS make a big difference and this means that cleaning need to be taken seriously.

Remember, not only does the cleanliness of your medical facility directly affect the health of your patients, but it also impacts its success and reputation as well. Keep your patients healthy and your reputation in good standing by finding the best Michigan medical cleaning services.

Look for a company that is sized to meet you needs, offers a great value, and trains it's employees with all the knowledge it takes to properly clean and sanitize the most sensitive areas as well as safety compliance training in OSHA, HIPPA, & bloodborne Pathogens.

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