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Why Cleaning In Schools Might Just Make Your Kids Smarter

Posted by Mitch Hesson on Mon, Jan 19, 2015 @ 02:35 PM

kids_learning_school_cleaning_michigan_school_cleaningThe foundation of any child’s education is creating the right learning environment. A school that is in ready to learn, well-maintained condition combined with committed teachers and needed resources offers the best chance for our children and our communities. A critical component of keeping your educational facility in ready to learn condition is adequate school janitorial and maintenance service. Cleaning in schools will have a tremendous impact on day-to-day operations and proper cleaning in schools might just make your kids smarter.


Why School Cleaning Matters So Much

School cleaning and school janitorial is about much, much more than muddy tracks through the hallway and emptying trash cans. Educational cleaning is about creating the right environment for our kids to succeed. Our schools seem to be perpetually underfunded and learning so much so quick is challenging enough without adding more obstacles in the form of a dirty, poorly maintained school campus. School cleaning also has a far-reaching impact on so many other areas. For instance, health and safety and student and staff absenteeism are directly tied to the cleanliness of your school. Likewise, there are tangible links between clean schools and the overall perception of parents, educators, staff, students and even the larger community.


How Health, School Safety & Absenteeism Is Impacted by School Cleaning & School Janitorial Services

How can school cleaning impact health and safety? For one, how well do you know the janitor or janitorial team that maintains your school or schools? Never more than now has children’s safety at school been such a topical issues and hot button. Do you know that your Michigan custodial service performs adequate background check on the people they send to your campus? Do they drug test potential employees and verify references and employment. If your school cleaning company takes any shortcuts when it comes to screening employees, they are putting your students and staff and your reputation at risk.


Can School Cleaning Improve Your School’s Rankings?

Health and safety are also closely linked to school cleaning from the perspective of disease prevention. Kids are notoriously lackluster hand washers, booger pickers and wonderfully efficient little germ spreaders. Sure, we love them but they can be kind of gross too. School cleaning for health can help stem the spread of disease causing germs. Cleaning for health isn’t just about how clean things look, it is about cleaning that kills germs where they congregate most to cut down on the germ load and reduce the spread of germs. Proper cleaning reduces disease and therefore is directly tied to the reduction of student absenteeism which in turn is directly linked to student standardized test performance and your overall school ratings. See, school cleaning might just make your students smarter after all.


Solid School Cleaning Improves the Overall Perception of Your School

If perception is just about how things look or appear, then why is it so important to the actual functioning of your school? It is important because how people think about your school has a big impact on their subsequent actions. If your school, campus or learning facility is allowed to run ill maintained, it sends the message that either you don’t care, you are incompetent or have given up. This in turn sends a message to parents, students and even staff that not so good is good enough. Every day we ask our teachers to show up and tackle the often monumental task of getting our kids ready for the world. We ask our children to amass much of what they need in a pretty short time all while battling attention spans, bottled up energy, distractions and all the many things that can get in the way of kids staying on task. We ask parents to help resource their kids with their time and money picking up from where the teachers left off during the day. If we don’t show the same commitment through a well maintained, clean and healthy school environment, how can we ask so much of the individuals that populate our schools?


Sending the Right Message With A Clean, Health & Orderly Learning Environment

A clean school sends the message that we operate in an orderly environment, we have high expectations for students, parents and staff and we support them with a good foundation. With a clean and well maintained school we send our communities the message that we are committed to the young people in that community, that our schools are great places to be and a positive anchor in our neighborhoods. Great school cleaning speaks volumes to parents, educators and staff, our students and our larger community. Make sure you are sending the right message.|6ec775e5-e191-4257-a8e4-c935ec7bcd5d  


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