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Carpet Lasts Longer, Look Better With Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Posted by Dennis Stathakis on Wed, Dec 13, 2017 @ 01:11 PM


Comparing Price & Value With Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Where commercial carpet cleaning is concerned, price and value are two very different things. Of course, most of the Facility Managers we know are always looking for ways to cut costs without throwing their overall building maintenance into a tailspin. And certainly, carpet cleaning can be a not so insignificant expense. But the cost of cleaning your existing carpet is just pennies compared to the cost of replacing carpets early. So when you have made the decision to extend the life of this costly asset by having it cleaned, you need to determine which commercial office carpet cleaning company will deliver the best value. Price is what you pay, value is what you get. A poor cleaning that leaves your carpets dirty, or worse damages them, isn’t a good deal at any price. In order to secure real value, you must get effective, professional carpet cleaning at the best possible price.


Just Because Carpet Doesn’t Look Dirty Doesn’t Mean It’s Clean

Your carpet might look visibly dirty with stains or wear patterns but if it doesn’t look dirty, that doesn’t mean it is clean. Dirt, grit and worse make their way into your carpet carried in on the feet of the people coming in and out of your facility. Over time, this dirt, grit and grime work their way into carpets where they can be abrasive, cutting and tearing at carpet fibers. Left to accumulate on carpets, this grit and dirt can do significant damage to the overall appearance and life span of your commercial carpets. Similarly, this dust and particulate material can exacerbate indoor allergies and reduce overall indoor air quality. When you put off necessary Detroit carpet cleaning, you run the risk that you are damaging carpets requiring expensive replacement years earlier than would otherwise be necessary.


With Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services, Not All Equipment Is Equal

When it comes to commercial carpet cleaning, not all cleaning methods and carpet cleaning equipment are created equal. For instance, bonnet cleaning has fallen out of favor among professional carpet cleaning companies. Why you might ask? Because bonnet carpet cleaning utilizes a rotary machine that was created for hard flooring and adapted to carpet cleaning, over time, carpet cleaners became aware that bonnet cleaning while easy and cheap, was unnecessarily hard on carpets. In fact, Bonnet carpet cleaning can potentially void your carpet’s warranty as manufacturers know it is simply too hard on carpets. Commercial carpet cleaning has undergone tremendous modernization in the last decade becoming better, greener and more efficient. Abrasive, often damaging carpet cleaning methods like bonnet cleaning are out and safe and effective deep cleaning methods like truck mounted hot water extraction are in. Even for interim maintenance, low moisture (dry) carpet cleaning, like the Whittaker carpet cleaning method have proven to be effective and safe.


Get Cleaner Carpets That Smell & Look Better & Last Longer

Dirty carpet doesn’t just wear faster and look bad, it smells bad too. That dirty, dusty, musty smell can lead to an overall impression of poor cleaning and facility maintenance. It can also negatively impact your facility’s air quality. Regularly cleaned carpet looks better and smells better thereby giving visitors and occupants alike a better impression of your facility. Periodic carpet cleaning cleans and brightens carpet and significantly improves carpet appearance. Carpet lends an overall high end look and feel to your facility however, if it isn’t well cared for, it looks even worse than dirty hard floors. Most commercial carpets are made for the wear, tear and soils that come with busy, high traffic building, Facility Mangers always seem so surprised by how one cleaning can bring them right back to looking clean and like new.


Assure a Healthy Workplace & a Healthy Bottom Line With Green Carpet Cleaning

Not only is green carpet cleaning easier on the environment, it can be easier on your bottom line too. Green carpet cleaning technologies can help you earn LEEDs points. And not only are many of these technologies better for the planet, they are more effective and less wearing on carpets helping you get extra years from this costly asset. Currently, Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning is the single recognized and accepted LEEDS method of carpet cleaning. In order to meet the Carpet and Rug Institutes Seal of Approval, vacuums must operate below 70 decibels. Carpet cleaning equipment must meet the Carpet and Rug Institutes Seal of Approval certification and fulfill low moisture and green product requirements. Even if LEED points aren’t a part of your plan, green carpet cleaning still carries a host of benefits from cost to air quality and more.


Partner With Experienced, Effective Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Partner with the right Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services and you can secure both effective service and reduced overall costs. Periodic carpet cleaning and maintenance nets you a better looking/smelling building as well as more years from this expensive building asset. At Stathakis, we offer South Eastern Michigan businesses individualized commercial carpet cleaning services. We use advanced carpet cleaning methods to save you time and money while getting your carpets cleaner than they have ever been. Here at Stathakis, we offer truck mounted hot water extraction carpet cleaning, portable machine carpet cleaning, low moisture carpet cleaning, Detroit carpet cleaning, and dry carpet cleaning all designed to get you a deep clean, improve your carpet’s appearance, extend the life span of your carpet and improve the indoor air quality in your facility. Whether you are interested in on-demand carpet cleaning or even a subscription based carpet cleaning program, we are ready to help. For more information on how you can keep your floors cleaner than they have ever been, please contact us at #800-278-1884.

At Stathakis, we provide building maintenance services to southeastern Michigan including medical janitorial services, medical cleaning services, school cleaning services, office cleaning services and more. Office-Cleaning-Evaluation-Tool

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