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Finding the Best Michigan Commercial Cleaning Service & Why Local Matters

Posted by Chris Stathakis on Wed, Jul 09, 2014 @ 08:56 AM

michigan-commercial-cleaning-serviceDoes Local Matter?

There has been a recent renewal in our interest in doing things locally. We are told and tell others to shop local, eat local, buy local and even consider taking a “staycation” to help keep valuable revenue in our state. In part, keeping your business and dollars local has a number of benefits for the local community, but what about your business? Sure, you’d like to keep Michigan dollars right here in Michigan but as a business person with a bottom line, you also need to consider budgets and the ultimate health of your business. So, when it comes to finding a reliable building services company be it a janitorial service, window cleaning services, a painting company or even general cleaning services, how can you determine if using a Michigan based business might offer a positive return for you and your business?


Could Using a Local Michigan Cleaning Company Be Good For Business?

That all depends on what you need from your cleaning service or janitorial company. If your business requires a single, central cleaning company for multiple locations throughout the country, a national cleaning company is probably going to offer you your best options. Large national companies have a distinct advantage when it comes to businesses with locations spread across the country. If that isn’t something that you require, you are likely to get better pricing and more attentive service from a large, local cleaning service. Why is that you may ask? It kind of comes down to the big fish in a little pond idea. With a big, national janitorial company you just are never going to be that important. It isn’t that they don’t care about your business, it’s simply a matter of scale and where you fall into line. A big national cleaning company has so many ponds to fish from that they can replace lost business with relative ease. The service business is also a hard one to do on a big scale. Accountability and even ownership can be in short supply within a big corporation model.


Size Matters When It Comes to Your Michigan Janitorial Company

Bigger may not always be better but size does matter. You need a janitorial company big enough to offer all of the services you and your facilities require but small enough to be nimble and responsive to your ever changing needs. This is where large local providers really shine. A cleaning company that is both large and local offers many distinct advantages over one man local operations also known as “a man and a van” and the monolithic, faceless cleaning corporations. What might these advantages look like for your business?

A large local Michigan janitorial company has been in business long enough to work out many service and pricing issues that plague smaller start ups. You as a business owner can also benefit from a larger local cleaning company’s purchase power when it comes to oft used supplies like toilet paper and paper towels. The right size local cleaning company will have a larger well-trained staff that means fewer delays or issues with getting good people into your building. There’s a fine line between too big and big enough. Smaller cleaning companies might be small for a reason. They could be new to the industry or short on customers given service issues.


Creating a Win-Win With Your Local Michigan Cleaning Services Company

Unlike a one-time business transaction like buying a computer or a bottle of wine, your cleaning company and you will have an ongoing business relationship based upon service. Who would you rather partner with, a big national janitorial service doing business from another state or a neighboring local Michigan company? The big guys may employ local cleaners but many of their jobs and dollars go straight out of the state. Local Michigan cleaning companies keep jobs right here in Michigan and deliver jobs and revenue back to the local community.

So you think a local Michigan cleaning service might be a good option for your requirements, but how can you make sure you find the right one? There are a great many cleaning services out there and unfortunately, it can be challenging to figure out which ones will deliver on their promises to you. There are a few key business practices that can help you more easily find the best cleaning company for your needs. Ask some questions about their people and their practices and ask any prospective cleaning company to show you and not just tell you why they’ve got it down.


What Matters Most When Choosing a Michigan Cleaning & Janitorial Company?

First things first, how do they feel about their people? Exceptional janitorial companies only get there with very good people. The cleaning industry is rife with turnover so look for a local Michigan cleaning company with a lower than average employee attrition rate. Consider a cleaning services company that offers their people good reasons to stay. A revolving door of employees in your building is disruptive and even dangerous so look for those companies that do their best to attract, screen, hire, train and manage the best that Michigan has to offer.

Likewise, look for local companies that are responsive. There are quite a few details and adjustments usually required to get your cleaning and building maintenance service just right. That being the case, you need a cleaning company with the systems in place to guarantee you are heard. And along with responsiveness, the best Michigan janitorial companies will offer transparent pricing that offers you both the information you need to find the best value and is a testament to a cleaning companies’ professionalism and confidence in their services and prices.

If the thought of all of these questions and checklists is overwhelming or you need a new cleaning company yesterday, consider industry certifications like the ISSA CIMS or Cleaning Services Management Standard. The ISSA is one of the preeminent industry organizations for building services companies across the globe and using their rigorous certification process to develop your “short list” can save you time. The ISSA’s CIMS certification offers highly committed professional cleaning and maintenance companies the chance to demonstrate their commitment and professionalism to their industries’ highest standards set forth by the ISSA and industry leaders. The CIMS is among the most demanding and difficult levels of certification a cleaning company can achieve. Looking at janitorial service providers and cleaning services that have achieved the CIMS certification can help you at the very least narrow your search down to the best of the best while still “buying local.” Find yourself a local Michigan janitorial company that is sized well to meet your needs, offers industry best practices and has a commitment to professionalism and you can build a lasting partnership that keeps your facilities running in tip top condition.

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