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Is Poor Commercial Office Cleaning Killing Your Business?

Posted by Bob Abraham on Fri, Feb 07, 2014 @ 10:31 AM

Commercial-Office-CleaningIs Your Commercial Office Cleaning Making You Sick?
If your commercial office company is neglecting cleaning for health, they might be putting you and your team at risk for disease. A quality commercial office cleaning company will have the training needed to apply the best practices in the science of cleaning for health in your organization. What matters when it comes to a healthy and safe work environment? Especially this time of year, cold and flu germs are widespread and office cleaning should emphasize touch points and dwell times to minimize the risk of disease transmission.

What happens when flus and colds get a foothold in your office? Poor commercial office cleaning is more than just unsightly; it’s unhealthy and downright dangerous. A substandard office-cleaning program will lead to the spread of sickness in your office leaving your employees missing more work. Higher absenteeism translates directly into cost for employers in the form of lost business, lost productivity and lost opportunities. And as bad as employees missing work is, coming into work sick is even worse. 

The average time off of work from illness was 4.2 days a year, while the average number of days on which staff were at work but too sick to be productive was 11.1 days. And on average, people working when they really should be home cost companies more than an employee sick day would. Sick employees make more people sick and unless you use a high-performing and reputable commercial office cleaning company, your people could topple like dominos if a flu or cold is allowed to spread. The first line of defense for sickness in any office environment is your Commercial Office Cleaning Company.


Is a Dirty Office Getting Everyone Down?
Everyone ultimately becomes a victim of the environment they keep.  A dirty office environment screams, "I DON'T CARE" and the office staff will soon follow step. Don't be surprised if clutter goes on the rise, things become hard to find and employees have little or no concern for they way they treat and maintain their spaces. Do you think the best employees want to work each day in a dirty office? Research tells us that companies that have a commercial office cleaning service provider achieve higher positive business outcomes because of increased staff morale and organization. So not only does quality office cleaning increase employee morale, it also encourages your team to be more organized within their personal workspace and it nets you measurable positive gains in sales and customer satisfaction.


Is Poor Commercial Office Cleaning Driving Away Your Best People?
The research also demonstrates that a carefully maintained workspace improves employee retention. Dirty office environments are stressful and add an unnecessary burden to your team. Likewise, conscientious, top-performing employees expect a minimum standard in their work environments. Let things fall apart and you will see your best team members jumping ship.

Consider for a minute how it feels to come back to your desk that is toppling with paper stacks, trash and coffee rings. You likely feel stressed, disorganized and overwhelmed. The same holds true with regard to the entire office space. If you have a clean office, your employees stress level diminishes and their productivity climbs.


Is Your Subpar Office Cleaning Sending Business Away?
If your commercial office cleaning leaves something to be desired, you could be driving customers away. Why risk a positive company image over something so manageable as your commercial office cleaning? A good Commercial Cleaning Company realizes they're they are keepers of their customers’ image.  What does it say to perspective employees and customers when you have a dirty building? There are many things you cannot control in life and in business but the state of your office and facilities should not be one of them. 

Well-maintained offices and expert commercial office cleaning are about much more than just how things look. A clean and healthy office environment brings with it measurable, significant positive business outcomes that translate to engaged employees, satisfied customers and a better bottom line. 


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