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Michigan Housekeeping Services - Are They Really Local?

Posted by Mitch Hesson on Wed, Apr 17, 2013 @ 08:30 AM

Michigan Housekeeping Services resized 600If you are looking for a Michigan janitorial service, cleaning company or Michigan housekeeping service, you have a great deal to consider. Is a larger company or smaller company the best fit for your needs? How does you cleaning company find, screen, hire and manage really quality people? Is the company you are considering responsive to the needs of their customers? Are you considering green cleaning

A Local Michigan Housekeeping Service Offers Distinct Advantages
While you have many choices when it comes to finding the right Michigan housekeeping services, there are some real advantages to selecting a local, Michigan-based building services company. Bigger isn't always better, and right here in Michigan you can find high quality, reputable and responsive housekeeping services capable of keeping your facilities spic and span and delivering the kind of customer focused service that you can count on. Michigan housekeeping services offer you specific advantages over national or regional cleaning services. Likewise, there is a real benefit to the local community when you do business with other Michigan-based businesses.

What are some of the advantages to working with a Michigan housekeeping service or a Michigan cleaning company? A Michigan housekeeping service can offer:

  • A real understanding of our local community, including how to go about finding and hiring the best people
  • A high level of real-time customer responsiveness
  • Services individually tailored to the specific needs of your business
  • The ability to quickly adjust practices as needed
  • The choice to retain key financial resources and revenues right here in Michigan
  • Top-notch service because Michigan housekeeping services are heavily vested in protecting their local reputation
  • The highest level of accountability and connection with the people in charge 

Local Is Usually Better
Many housekeeping services, cleaning companies and janitorial service providers understand that local is usually better. Sure, there can be instances where a big, out of state cleaning company might be best. For instance, if you have many facilities spread throughout different states and want to coordinate them through one large corporation or multi-national provider, bigger might be better. But more than likely, a Michigan housekeeping service or Michigan-based cleaning company will best meet your needs. Often you will find companies that are national or regional who try to posture or pass themselves off as a local Michigan provider. They may try to appear to be local as a selling point. Maybe they have a local office or use local labor, however, these companies do not pay state income tax so the money you pay for your services is funneled right out of our great state. Often, these companies won't even bother to maintain a local office which further disconnects management from the job sites. 

Working With Big, National Operations Can Have Some Serious Drawbacks
Giant, national cleaning companies can offer multi-state coverage, however, these big companies all too often think small when it comes to customer focus. Like many country-wide chains, national cleaning companies may offer some consistency and systems. Still, you are not likely to get services customized to your individual needs. It is kind of like trying to get a hamburger medium rare at McDonalds, they just are not set up to fine-tune the “product” to what it is you are most concerned with. On the same note, when a problem does come up, tracking down the right person to address it and come up with solution can be vexing. All too often accountability is evasive. Large national cleaning companies have a pretty big pond to fish from making smaller accounts a low priority. Sure, they’ll take your business but they are really in it for the “big fish.” On the other hand, Michigan housekeeping services have a solid interest in keeping clients and a positive reputation as their pond is smaller and word of bad service spreads fast.

If you want to know if the cleaning company you are considering is local, ask. How can I get to upper management should I need to?  What's your corporate structure?  Do you have a local office? Finding the right Michigan housekeeping services and Michigan-based cleaning company can be the first step in getting the high quality, responsive building services you and your employees and customers deserve.


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