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I Want Good Restroom Hygiene, Now What?

Posted by Chris Stathakis on Mon, Oct 29, 2012 @ 08:20 AM

Restroom HygieneIt’s no surprise that the benefits of a properly sanitized restroom have come to your attention. Once you’ve seen the outcome of a cleaning company that cut corners with restroom hygiene by merely surface cleaning, then maintaining an immaculate restroom will become your top priority. Good restroom hygiene delivers a boost in employee moral, customer satisfaction, and an overall healthier working environment.

No other area of a building is more frequently visited than the restroom. Due to the function of this high traffic space, it can quickly become a breeding ground for disease if left in the hands of an inattentive cleaning staff. The first step to achieving good restroom hygiene is to hire a cleaning company that trains its employees to understand that all areas of the restroom have the potential to spread disease.

What areas should be sanitized for good restroom hygiene?

  • Counters, sinks, and mirrors:
All surfaces, sinks, mirrors, and faucets should be wiped down and sanitized. Special attention should be given to handles, soap dispenses, and other areas that are frequently touched, or sneezed and coughed upon.
  • Equipment and accessories: 
Air dryers, trash cans, towel dispenses, and machines that dispense feminine products should also be clean and sanitized with special attention paid to touch points.
  • Doors and handles:
Doors, and especially door handles, are one of the dirtiest areas of a restroom, and good restroom hygiene is only obtainable if they are given the attention they deserve. A cleaning company that cuts corners will skip cleaning restroom doors because, since they don’t really appear to be dirty, it’s an easy step to hide.
  • Toilets, urinals, and stalls:
It goes without saying that these areas should be cleaned and sanitizes often. To achieve good restroom hygiene, the proper use of cleaning products really comes in to play when cleaning these very dirty items. In addition to understanding how and what areas to clean, the proper knowledge of how to use cleaning products is a must. Certain chemicals are ineffective if they are not given the correct amount of dwell time to do their work. An attempt to create good restroom hygiene by an employee who doesn’t know or really care about their important job will lead to an unsanitary space very quickly.
  • Floors and walls:
Diseases can even grow and spread on the floor of a restroom, and for good restroom hygiene a cleaning company that cares will even make sure that your floors are sanitized as well.
After you hire the right cleaning company to keep your restroom clean and hygienic there really is no second step. Once in the hands of competent, well-trained professionals, you can focus on your job and be confident that good restroom hygiene is no longer an issue you’ll have to think about.

It's worth it to make sure that your facility's restroom is clean and hygienic. A healthy work environment creates a positive atmosphere where good attitudes and employee output can thrive. Overall, good restroom hygiene can increase your bottom line!

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