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Should Profit be a Dirty Word When In Janitorial Pricing

Posted by Chris Stathakis on Thu, Jul 26, 2012 @ 06:51 AM

janitorial pricingJanitorial pricing is something that is essential to understand when looking to outsource your janitorial services. Commercial cleaning prices are usually straight forward--or at least they should be. Many companies will attempt to play pricing games with you by offering low initial estimates followed by up-sells and surprise fees down the road. In this article we’ll focus on the profit aspect of janitorial pricing and how a better understanding of it can lead to better janitorial services for your facility or business.

When taking bids for outsourcing your janitorial services, most companies will break down their janitorial pricing estimates into the following categories:
  • Labor
  • Insurance and taxes
  • Employee benefits
  • Direct costs (cleaning supplies, toilet paper, etc.)
  • Management fee
  • Profit
There it is at the end: profit. That seemingly dirty word that’s nevertheless included in all janitorial service pricing. One might scoff at it because they assume it doesn’t directly affect their business and that making a profit is the responsibility of the janitorial company alone. However, they couldn’t be more wrong. For one, working hard to keep your building immaculate is the business of a janitorial company. Therefore, we earn our profits from our clients, and these profits do directly affect their businesses.
Consider these points when examining janitorial pricing:
  1. If a company has not outlined a promising profit margin from the start then you should be concerned. You should be concerned because it’s a sure sign that they are (a) going to bombard you with hidden fees in the near future or (b) going to put themselves out of business and leave you high and dry and with a filthy workplace to boot.
  2. Outsourcing your janitorial services is a business partnership that you take part in everyday. Our staff and yours work very closely together. With this kind of intimate partnership it is important to have an honest, respectful business relationship with each other. This is why here at Stathakis we offer open book pricing from day one.
  3. Profits lead to successful companies, and with that comes the ability for owners to reinvest into their employees, technology, equipment, and ultimately their clients.
  4. Companies that are profitable are able to give back to the community. They create honest, stable jobs and build a good reputation. Working with such reputable companies builds up your Goodwill as well.??
The company you outsource too should be a sound one. Any company that isn’t outlining a profit in their janitorial pricing will ultimately cut corners and deliver shoddy service. You can ensure that your facility receives the quality service that you demand, and pay for, by working with a company that is upfront and open in it’s janitorial service pricing.

janitorial pricing

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