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4 Reasons You’ll Wish You Had A Commercial Cleaning Company Sooner

Posted by Bob Abraham on Mon, Jun 01, 2015 @ 12:38 PM

michigan commercial cleaning company, janitorial services, in house versus outsourcing cleaningWhen you walk into a business, you just expect it to be clean. It’s unlikely that you’ll notice it when it is cleaned correctly but you sure do when it isn’t clean right? As customers and even visiting business people, we often take the overall cleanliness of a building or space for granted. We kind of just expect it to be clean. It rarely crosses our minds that someone has to actually expend a great deal of effort to keep any facility in tip-top shape. As a Facilities Manager, you know firsthand how quickly a building falls into disarray or disrepair when regular janitorial services and maintenance are not attended to.

A great deal of effort goes into meeting the expectations of everyone entering your building be it customers, employees, business associates or tenants. At the same time, most Facility Managers are already tasked with a Herculean ‘To Do” list. It is all to easy to get so busy putting out fires that regular cleaning and preventive maintenance gets overlooked. Your own towering ‘To Do” list is a compelling enough reason to enlist the help of a commercial cleaning company, but if you still aren’t sure if enlisting a pro is the right decision for your facility, consider the following reasons contracting with a commercial cleaning company or janitorial service should be in your future:


Reason #1: Looks Matter

No matter how good you are at what you do, looks matter. In your facility this translates into unfavorable or favorable first impressions from customers, business associates and even prospective employees. Sure you can overcome a poor first impression but do you really want to have to? A dirty, poorly maintained facility tells a story to your customers and employees that you may not like. Customers might interpret a less than spotless facility as a reflection of the level of care that goes into a your products or services. Employees may take the lack of proper maintenance as a sign that substandard work is acceptable. Apathy breeds more apathy, don’t handicap your business by neglecting cleanliness. Your reputation is valuable; protect it by enlisting the help of a commercial cleaning company to keep your facility or facilities in a condition that reflects favorably on you.


Reason #2: Get the Clean You Want With Minimal Involvement From You

Have you dreamt about running a janitorial company since you were a kid? Unless the answer is yes, outsourcing your facility maintenance is likely your best choice. It’s unlikely that you want the responsibility of managing cleaning operations on top of all that you already do each day. Matters like staffing, cleaning standards, ordering supplies, servicing equipment and other time consuming activities become the responsibility of your commercial cleaning company. This lets you keep your eye on the bigger picture. You can focus on what you do best and let your professional Michigan janitorial company focus on what they do best. Likewise, we all know that the more you do something, the better you get. So a company that has cleaning as it’s core business is simply in a better position to deliver a level of service and responsiveness that you will not get on your own.


Reason #3: Health & Safety Are Paramount

Whatever your business, an increased transmission of the flu and other infectious illnesses doesn’t just increase the company’s tissue budget, it directly translates into lower productivity and increased absenteeism. Hiring a commercial cleaning service that understands how to clean for health helps protect your health and the health of your employees and customers, and in doing so, benefits your bottom line. Professional commercial cleaning companies are continually trying to compete by offering their customers more. They become knowledgeable on the science of cleaning for health, they invest in the best products and equipment, they learn how to do more for less so that they can accommodate budgets of all sizes. When you contract with the right Michigan cleaning company, you directly benefit from all of these things.


Reason #4: Save Money & get the Job Done Right
Outsourcing cleaning services will save you money. How? First, contemplate the economies of scale. Professional cleaning and maintenance companies secure the most favorable pricing on equipment, supplies and oft used goods like toilet paper, towels and hand soap. You benefit from their cost saving. Next, many companies find there is an immediate cost savings because an experienced cleaning staff will get more done in less time, therefore less money. And finally, when you outsource your cleaning services, you eliminate the very significant costs of recruiting, screening, hiring, training and the day-to-day management of employees. Necessities like benefits administration, health care, employee status verification and other time intensive tasks are responsibilities that shift to your building maintenance contractor. You can even sidestep the investment in janitorial and maintenance equipment, including its maintenance, repair and replacement costs. When you outsource to a reliable commercial cleaning company, you leverage their expertise, experience and equipment.


Finding a Commercial Cleaning Company That Will Deliver These Benefits
As a Facility Manager, it’s easy to get into the trap of thinking we can save money by trying to do everything ourselves but the most successful Facilities Mangers understand that often times, we make money when we spend money, it just has to be on the right things. Maybe you have been burned by a janitorial company that didn’t deliver on their promises to you. Or maybe you want a great Michigan commercial cleaning company but have no idea where to start. One way to find a great company set up to deliver consistent, responsive service is to put industry certifications like the CIMS to work for you. CIMS, or Certified Industry Management Standard is a rigorous, consensus-based standard put forward by ISSA, the World Cleaning Industry Association, that's applied to a company's management, operations, processes and general performance. ISSA CIMS certification requires a series of meticulous qualifications for a commercial cleaning and maintenance company to follow and ensures that they are committed to excellence in every level of their business. Choosing an ISSA CIMS certified company means you start with a select pool of cleaning professionals to choose from. From that vantage point, you just have to find the best fit and the best price.|e9371669-0a28-428c-82f0-7339e7046d74

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