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Get A Better View With Commercial Window Cleaning

Posted by Dale Saylor on Mon, Dec 05, 2016 @ 02:52 PM


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Windows Are the Face of Your Facility

Your windows are the face of your building. They are often the first thing visitors see when they enter your building. They are seen by people who don’t even enter your building, just passing by getting a look at the exterior. So it is not difficult to understand why in spite of all that is required in your facility, exterior window maintenance matters. Send customers, employees, tenants and visitors the right message with clean windows that elevate the overall professional image of your building by partnering with an effective, professional window cleaning company that can help you keep your facility looking good, inside and out.


Isn’t Commercial Window Cleaning Just a Rag & Some Windex?

Much like some people believe janitorial services come down to little more than a mop and bucket, some people incorrectly believe that commercial window washing boils down to a clean towel and some Windex. But commercial window cleaning is a professional service and requires an experienced janitorial company with professional technicians. What is involved in getting your windows sparkling? Typically the best window cleaning companies will scrub and scrape windows to loosen all tough, stuck on debris, dirt and even paint. Likewise, the edges of your windows and your window sills should be properly wiped and dried. Window screens, if you have them, should be cleaned as well as window tracks for a complete thorough window cleaning. Your commercial window cleaning company should offer all types of window cleaning, storefront, high-rise or whatever you need in your building. Additionally, they should utilize commercial grade window cleaners for a streak free, lasting shine. Furthermore, many expert commercial window cleaning services will offer specialized services like exterior window washing and track detailing, cleaning of sills, casings, sashes and frames, adhesive removal, hard water oxidation removal and lime removal and more. When shopping for window cleaning services, it’s important to find a commercial window cleaning company that is poised to fully meet your needs.


How Do I Choose the Right Commercial Window Cleaning Company?

While we wish there was a magic crystal ball that could give you easy answers to the questions of who will provide the best building maintenance services, it just isn’t that easy. Still, there are some factors you can look at to make choosing the right window cleaning company easier. Commercial window cleaning, like other building maintenance services, requires professionalism and know how. Windows are the face of your building, don’t risk your image or expose your company to liability issues by choosing the wrong window cleaning service. What do you as a facility manager need to be on the lookout for when making this critical decision for your facility? First, you need skilled technicians. Window cleaning, like most other maintenance services, is performed better when technicians are trained and experienced. Second, solid technicians must be given the tools and materials to do the best job possible, the first time. Third, technicians must be supported by a professional maintenance company that is committed to following best practices in everything they do. Fourth, your window cleaning company must be properly insured to protect you from unnecessary liability and risk. And finally, your commercial window cleaning service must follow all safety and compliance requirements to the letter. To summarize:

  • Experienced, skilled exterior window cleaning technicians trained for success
  • Using best available supplies, equipment and materials to do the job right every time
  • Supported by a professional building maintenance company committed to best practices
  • Fully insured to shield you from risk and liability
  • Absolutely compliant with safety and regulatory requirements


Need An Easy Way to Get Shiny, Clean Windows Every Time?

Getting effective, consistent commercial window cleaning shouldn’t be so tough. There are building maintenance companies that understand how to do the job right and work hard to make your building shine and protect you from unnecessary risk. These window cleaning Detroit service providers understand that your windows reflect your building’s overall maintenance and must be done right, the first time. They understand that tools and products matter. So the most effective window cleaners are out there, but how do you find them? There is an easy, free shortcut that makes finding the best building services companies a snap. When looking for effective window cleaning, CIMS, or the Cleaning Industry Management Standard offers an ‘easy button’ to finding solid building services contractors. CIMS is a deliberate certification process that assures a building services company meets a number of indicators directly linked to overall success and satisfied customers. CIMS requires developing and following processes that support best practices. While CIMS doesn’t guarantee you will get the promised service, it is a valuable, free tool to help you create a short list of window cleaning companies, eliminate the less than professional, experienced companies and get the window cleaning your building deserves with the least amount of hassle for you.


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