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Posted by Chris Stathakis on Sun, Apr 24, 2011 @ 04:25 PM

Open Book ManagementWho has a stake in Stathakis? Chris, George or Dennis? Actually, the answer is every one of our employees. Since we have put Open Book Management in practice, all Stathakis employees play an important part in managing the company.

Every Thursday at Stathakis headquarters, all employees are invited to participate in Open-Book Management meetings, where details of the state of the business are shared. The knowledge they gain from attending the meetings helps them understand how they can help the company attain success — leading to financial rewards for everyone via bonuses. Chris Stathakis said, “It’s a win/win/win for our clients, our employees and our company.”

“Open-Book Management was pioneered by John Case, who clearly and carefully explains the principles in his book, Open-Book Management. His website explains,

“In its simplest form, Open-Book Management is a way of running a company that gets everyone focused on building a better business – helping the business be more successful. It teaches all employees the goals of the company and how they can make a difference — both individually and as part of a team. Open-Book Management works because employees get a chance to act to take responsibility rather that just ‘doing their job.’ Each employee knows enough about the company to understand how their actions will affect their stake in the outcome.”

Don Simon, Sales Executive, is impressed with the impact it has on the company culture. He said, “A lot of companies try to get employees to care. In fact, I’ve worked at other companies that attempted to create programs similar to this. But they didn’t have the mental capacity to make it easy and fair.”

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