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Smart Cleaning: The Solution to Cuts in your Detroit Janitorial Budget

Posted by Chris Stathakis on Thu, Jun 27, 2013 @ 09:59 AM

Detroit-JanitoralEven With Economic Recovery, Facility Budgets Are Slow to Rebound
Even though the Michigan economy is back on track, many companies are still slow to reinvest profits and hire additional help. Furthermore, Michigan companies continue to look for new efficiencies to be more competitive in a constantly fluctuating global economy. One place many companies continually revisit for further savings is their Janitorial Budget as it is a significant part of their Facilities Budget.

Even as employment and health care costs go up, it is not uncommon for customers to expect year over year savings. Each year we have to get a little more creative to find such savings in the already tight janitorial budgets. When you establish a close partnership with your Detroit Janitorial Contractor, if they value your business, they will work hard to make such savings achievable.  

With labor being the single largest component in Janitorial Pricing, it only makes sense to cut labor. It is possible to cut labor without reducing the quality of janitorial services in larger buildings to below acceptable. Only Detroit janitorial companies that are agile, responsive and experts at what they do can find a way to get the job done with less.


How Do You Get Your Detroit Cleaning Service to Do More With Less?
The way to do more with less and still get an acceptable standard of clean is Smart Cleaning. Before the days of super thin cleaning budgets, most janitorial companies would work through a cleaning specification followed to the letter. This meant vacuuming each floor and emptying every trash can on a daily basis, whether it was needed or not. Certainly, a fully staffed janitorial staff with time to do every single thing you and your tenants want and need is ideal, but shrinking budgets may mean you have to refocus where the need is the greatest. With Smart Cleaning, the areas in the building that are used most frequently and need the most attention are cleaned.


Smart Cleaning
Smart Cleaning is the best way to get more for less out of your Detroit Janitorial budget. Smart Cleaning comes down to understanding what your essentials services are, what are the non-essential but important services and areas you can intermittently do without. But how do you work with your Detroit Janitorial service to make a super slashed budget still work for you and get what you need to keep your facilities maintenance running smoothly?


Choose a Detroit Janitorial Company With a Solid Training Program
A cleaning team cannot put their focus on essential services if no one has trained them to look at facility cleaning in this need-focused way. For an inadequately trained janitorial staff, less personal or less time at your facility will just equal work being left undone with no rhyme or reason and no benchmarks or predictability in place. With shrinking facility budgets, if no one is training janitorial staff to clean specifically under tight budget constraints, the work will likely slip to below an acceptable level. As a Facility Manager, this can spell trouble for you in tenant complaints and even contract and liability issues.

The most important component to Smart Cleaning is a good training program so that cleaners can learn and adjust to the use patterns in the facility they clean. A Detroit Janitorial Company that employs Smart Cleaning methods can help their team identify critical services, adjust their cleaning specifications to reflect your reduced budgets and still hold their team accountable for the work you have agreed upon.


How Do You Make Smart Cleaning Work For You?
If you know you are working with a less than ideal facilities budget, work with your Detroit Janitorial company to identify critical tasks and essential services and come up with a plan and specification that will create a Smart Clean plan that delivers a level of service that you can feel good about. A solid, reputable janitorial service will manage your expectations upfront. They may adjust services to fit your changing budgets, but both you and your cleaning company should know exactly what is expected and keep in touch about making certain you are getting what you need. Just because you must reduce labor or cut some services or frequency of services doesn’t mean you cannot expect your Michigan cleaning services company to deliver on their promises to you.

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