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5 Reasons To Fire Your Janitorial Service

Posted by Bob Abraham on Thu, May 02, 2013 @ 12:19 PM

Janitorial ServiceYou’re Fired!
You know it's time to fire your janitorial service. It has been on your “to do” list for a couple of months already. In fact, in the time it has taken you to move it from one “to-do” list to the next, you probably could have gotten it done. Your janitorial service just isn't working out, but you wonder, what is the alternative? Aren’t all cleaning companies the same? Isn’t the next janitorial service likely to be as lacking as the one you have now? Or if you could miraculously find a janitorial service that delivers on their promises, you probably couldn’t afford them right? Wrong. You absolutely do not have to settle for subpar janitorial service just because you are on a budget.

When Enough Is Enough
With any contractor you work with, you will likely have occasional issues that need to be resolved or addressed, it is just the nature of working and communicating with other people and companies. But when is enough, enough? What problems with your janitorial service are so big, so widespread that communication from you is not likely to resolve or solve anything? 

1. People problems
Issues like improper or inadequate employee screening, illegal hiring and paying under the table are bigger than you and can negatively impact your business and your reputation. Janitorial service companies that cut corners on these fundamentals are likely taking shortcuts everywhere. Additionally, when people are not valued in a janitorial service, they don’t care about their jobs and thus, their work. This in turn creates high turnover which can create major security and service issues.

2. Unresponsiveness
Maybe your janitorial service doesn’t have a system to handle complaints and issues. Maybe the response time in getting things handled is just too long. Perhaps you are tired of hearing, “we’ll take care of it,” only it is never actually taken care of. If you don’t regularly communicate issues with your janitorial service company because you know nothing is going to change, then it is definitely time to look for a new cleaning company.

3. Training & Professionalism
Your janitorial service is not just about cleaning a toilet, there’s actually knowledge needed to properly clean and care for your facilities. Whether you are looking for green cleaning or just a straight-forward, solid cleaning job, a janitorial service company that offers a comprehensive employee training program is going to have people who understand what needs t be done and how to do it. Well-trained employees understand safe chemical use and storage. Carefully trained employees have been made fully aware of the consequences for a poor job and security issues. Quality training also makes people feel differently about the work they do which helps them adopt a more professional attitude, which in turn, makes them feel like their job matters. It’s a win-win all around.

4. Inconsistency
Maybe your janitorial service gets it right every now and then, but really, shouldn’t the bar be set higher than that? Even if building service budgets are thin, you should still be getting what you are paying for. If you are not sure what it is you are actually paying for, it’s probably time to consider a new janitorial service. Professional janitorial service companies offer pricing that is transparent and detailed so everyone is on the same page. It sets expectations on both sides and allows for you to decide what really matters as far as your facilities are concerned. This kind of pricing can be especially helpful when you are on a razor thin budget

5. They Just Don’t Care
Maybe they don’t care about keeping you as a customer, maybe they don’t care about their employees. Apathy is contagious so if you janitorial services just doesn’t seem to care, it is time for them to go. Even though it can be challenging to find a professional janitorial service company that gets the job done right, it is worth it. There are cleaning companies that take their work seriously, that care about their customers, their employees and their community. Why give your money to a janitorial service that’s just spinning their wheels and sucking up the air around them? 

The Challenge of Finding the Right Janitorial Service
As challenging as it can be to find the right janitorial service, it is well worth it. A little work at the start can lead to a great value in your cleaning dollar and the smooth maintenance of your building later. It might feel sometimes like all janitorial services are the same, but that’s not the case. There are at least a few companies out there who hire, screen, train and manage very good people. There are building service companies that offer real-time responsiveness and a carefully designed system to handle issues and get you the kind of services you’ll be happy to stick with.  There are janitorial services that really care about their customers and offer a great deal more than empty promises.

So how do you go about tracking the good guys of the janitorial service industry down? Talk to other facility managers. Referrals are generally a great source of accurate information. If you don’t know anyone who raves about their janitorial service, than be prepared to ask a lot of questions. Ask prospective janitorial companies about their pricing structure, their employee screening and their training programs. It is easy to say ‘yes, we have that’ so ask to see it. A professional janitorial services company should be able to show you how they train people, show you how they reward and motivate their teams and more.

Let Industry Groups Work For You
If you just don’t have the time to do the due diligence required to put the right janitorial services in place, you can also utilize their own industry groups to identify the best cleaning companies. Organizations like the ISSA, an professional organization for the building services industry, offers certifications like that set companies apart from start ups and fly by night providers. While shortcuts on service are a no-no, professional organizations and certifications like CIMS, can be a great way to find the best janitorial service providers in less time. You can streamline the process because when you choose to work with an ISSA CIMS Certified Michigan Janitorial services company, you know your cleaning company is being held to the highest industry standards. The Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) certification program requires businesses to meet or exceed set standards of excellence.

At Stathakis, we combine great people, a solid organization dedicated to our employees and customers, enthusiasm and a commitment to exceptional customer service, open book pricing that helps our customers determine value. Likewise, we are ISSA CIMS certified indicating our commitment to the highest standards of janitorial service and building maintenance.


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