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Putting Customer Service Back Into Cleaning Services in Michigan

Posted by Dale Saylor on Thu, May 30, 2013 @ 09:16 AM

Cleaning Services Michigan resized 600Empty Buzzword or Real Commitment?
Customer service can be an empty buzzword, manager jargon or a genuine, directed approach to actually serving the customer. Many businesses fail at serving their customers because they incorrectly assume that they know what customers want but they never actually ask. Along the same lines, they might assume because they are doing some things right, that these are the areas their customers actually care about.


The People Equation
At Stathakis, we have become one of the leading cleaning services in Michigan because we get that above all else, we are in the customer service business. We continually ask our customers what they need and what is really important to them. Sure, our customers individually have had some great ideas and suggestions on how to make cleaning services in Michigan more responsive but the one area they agree on unanimously is that it all comes down to whether you have good people or not. We know that being in a service industry, it’s all about people. There are two sides to this people equation, one being the people we serve and two being the people we choose to work with our customers. If we fail to give our attention to either, it just doesn’t add up to quality service.

So what is it that we do that sets us apart from other cleaning services in Michigan? Certainly, we are not the only game in town. There are a handful of truly customer service oriented janitorial companies in Michigan, but not as many as their could be or even should be. At Stathakis, we do a few things differently than the average cleaning service in Michigan and we think these things have helped us reach unprecedented levels of employee retention, kept our core customers happy while helping us grow our Michigan based cleaning service and earned us a solid reputation here in our local community.   

Different Is Good

So what is it we do at Stathakis that makes us different than most other cleaning services in Michigan?

From our comprehensive hiring process to our complete screening to top-notch training, we find people who take pride in a job well done. Finding the right people helps us create a culture that is positive, cooperative and even uplifting. Our company culture is like a wonderful cake that must begin with the best raw ingredients. We find good cleaners, people who are eager to work with a positive attitude. We find managers who are committed to happy and efficient teams doing consistently good work. When we put all of these ingredients together, we get an end product we all can be proud of. At Stathakis, we are truly greater than the sum of our parts.

Our culture comes from the top down and then back up to create the enthusiasm we bring it to everything we do. We know that our people are our primary resource, our source of strength or our greatest weakness. That is why we work so tirelessly to make Stathakis a great place to work. Whether you are a newly hired low skill worker or a seasoned team leader, we all want to work for people who recognize our value and are committed to helping us do our jobs well and even grow. Our employees appreciate our training because it arms them for success. What is worse than being asked to do a job and you don’t know how to do it well? We provide our people with a 401k program and other benefits that make working with Stathakis a long term prospect. Likewise, we take the time often to recognize our best people, both intrinsically and extrinsically.

“How can I help?” is a phrase we use at Stathakis a lot. From the top down, we want to know how we can help. We want to know how we can make the Facility Managers we work with look good and eliminate stress for them. We want to know how we can help our employees work more efficiently and have all the tools they feel they need to do their jobs well. The enthusiasm we have for our people, our customers and our community comes through in every thing we do.

Process helps us take all of the enthusiasm we have and make it consistent. Take for example our drive and enthusiasm to provide our customers with real responsiveness. Our Complete Customer Care 10-minute response guarantee is our process to make sure we deliver on our intentions. Or for instance, we realize that many of our customers who have used a cleaning service in Michigan felt like they were promised one thing and got another. We really want our customers to know exactly what they are getting for their dollar and feel like it gets delivered over and over again. For this reason, we created our Complete Customer Care Open Book Pricing. Process gives us a checklist of sorts to make sure our actions match our intentions.

Our people, company culture, enthusiasm and process come together to create an environment where customer service thrives. Our people are great, they want to help and they get rewarded for consistent performance and even going the extra mile. Our enthusiasm means we don’t lose steam just because the work is hard. And our process insures that we have a benchmark for success and a workable plan. At Stathakis, we offer a level of professionalism and customer service you won’t find at many other cleaning companies in Michigan. Is that bragging? Sure it is, but we work so hard to be able to say this with conviction and we think it’s worth talking about.

Are you looking for a cleaning service in Michigan? Are you a facilities manager who knows there has to be a better way to get your building cared for?

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