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Taking Another Look at Ubuntu

Posted by Chris Stathakis on Fri, Mar 22, 2013 @ 10:38 AM


“It always seems impossible until its done.” Nelson Mandela 

In 2012, we selected Ubuntu as a company-wide theme here at Stathakis. We had been looking for a group of ideas that would help us continue to develop a culture that elevated our people and honored our customers. We were introduced to Ubuntu, and it seemed like just the thing we had been looking for. Ubuntu is a philosophy rooted in the history of Africa relating to our inherent humanity and how we as humans best work together. Ubuntu’s unique ideas about our interconnectedness have provided a very real framework for how we work with each other on the job and beyond.

We were really excited to share the Ubuntu approach with our team because we saw how embracing these powerful ideas, even just occasionally, could have a meaningful impact on our feelings about our work, the way we relate to one another at work and even improve our quality of work as we became more invested in working together. One of the wonderful things about Ubuntu is that it has benefits that go way beyond the workplace, but the themes we focused on as it relates to our work here at Stathakis are:

▪    Respect for each individual as important & valuable 

▪    What is good for us together is good for us individually

▪    Problem solving over blame placing

▪    Working together to lift up ourselves, our company & the larger community

▪    A spirit of mutual support & concern for others

▪    There is no shortage of opportunity for development & growth for every single one of us

We feel so strongly about the Ubuntu message, we even had a song written. There are many different ways of getting a message across and we hope that this other way can help build an even stronger connection to the ideas of Ubuntu. If you need a boost, maybe this song can help you through a rough part of your day or give you a momentary uplift to help keep you focused on the big picture. Enjoy!

We are bound by our shared humanity,

despite our differences and taste and personalities.

If we can learn to work together as one,

our place of work will be one we can be proud of.

Ubuntu, Ubuntu

It’s up to you,


Take the challenge,


Put ideas into practice,

become a positive force for change here at Stathakis.

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