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Restroom Cleaning in the 21st Century

Posted by Dale Saylor on Thu, Sep 06, 2012 @ 08:32 AM

Green-RestroomWe may still be a long way off from developing flying cars and robot maids, but this modern age certainly does offer many technologies that would leave our grandparents in awe. Even restroom cleaning techniques used by innovative cleaning companies feature products and equipment that are the envy of days gone past. The technology available today has transformed the way we clean and sanitize restrooms. It’s all about implementing touchless systems. In a germ-ridden environment such as a restroom, the fewer objects that are touched (even during the cleaning process), the less germs and bacteria there are to spread around.

You’ve already noticed that many modern restrooms feature touchless systems that encourage a healthy atmosphere while conserving energy and supplies. Some examples of touchless systems include:
However, did you know that the groundbreaking principles behind touchless restroom technology are also used in restroom cleaning? Traditional tools of the trade, such as mops and wipes, actually do a poor job of killing disease causing bacteria. With the technology available today, there’s no excuse for failure to thoroughly remove harmful germs and eliminate odors.

Touchless Restroom Cleaning Technology

Here at Stathakis we use KaiVac Restroom Cleaning systems. It’s a touchless restroom cleaning system that is also known as “spray-and-vac”. The KaiVac system has all the elements of great technology: it’s better than what came before it, cost effective, and well designed. The benefits of this modern system include:
  • Touchless cleaning systems
This system removes soil, urine, and dirt from restroom surfaces and floors. It is proven to be 60 times more effective at removing harmful bacteria than old-fashioned mops and wipes.
  • Metered chemical use
When the use of cleaning products is controlled though this smart technology, it ensures that no chemicals or money is wasted in the restroom cleaning process. A chemical free, highly effective cleaning option is also available with this system.
  • Powerful wet vacuum
For a deep clean that cleans, sanitizes, and leaves behind an immaculate, dry restroom.
  • Higher efficiency rate
The KaiVac system cuts the amount of time it takes to clean restroom fixtures. It’s effective touchless system can clean and sanitize in 1/3 of the time it takes using traditional cleaning tools. This time saving technology helps to cut labor costs.
  • Boost in employee moral
With touchless cleaning tools, employees are no longer required to get down on filthy, soiled ground while putting their heath, and yours, at risk. The ability to deep clean while keeping a distance from contaminated surfaces empowers employees and provides a significant boost in their moral.
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products
Harsh chemicals that pollute the Earth are no longer the standard in top-notch restroom cleaning. Green cleaning is the wave of the future and far more effective at maintaining a healthy work environment.
As a child, many of us simply envisioned the future as being a better place in which to live and work. The smart restroom cleaning technology that is available today plays a part in that dream. By replacing your out-of-date cleaning system you can transform your place of business into a cleaner, healthier, and more inviting one. Get in touch with touchless and move your facility forward today


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