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Does Duct Cleaning Fit Into A Green Cleaning Program?

Posted by Chris Stathakis on Wed, Oct 31, 2012 @ 08:05 AM

green cleaning programCreating a clean and healthy work environment for any business is job number one for you as the manager and owner. A happy, healthy employee is more likely to put in better hours, bring in more clients and perform at a higher level, each and every day. Nothing is more frustrating for any employee than to come into a work space that causes breathing problems or, in general, just isn't effectively cleaned. Even when a standard janitorial service is used, it may not be enough, as the older, outdated cleaning products do not clean up and rid the facility of all the dust, dirt and other debris circulating in the work space. Because of this, it is important to go with the help of a green cleaning program. This green cleaning program uses superiors products and equipment, capable of removing all the danders, dirt and dust from the facility, without using any harmful chemical in the process. Along with the general cleaning and maintenance of the building, the green cleaning program also focuses some time on the air ducts. This is to help promote healthy breathing, along with improve the overall performance of the AC and heating unit in the building, saving you and the company money in the long run.

Cleaning Vent Ducts
During the green cleaning program, the services generally starts at the ceiling and works its way down. This way, the cleaning staff is able to collect any sort of dirt or dust that may have been knocked loose from the ceiling and not immediately collected. This is usually where the air duct cleaning takes place. It is important to subscribe to this particular service, at least a few times a year, for both the health and financial reasons. Over time, as dust builds up in the air ducts, it gets into the circulation system. Although there is no substantial evidence to prove duct cleaning has health benefits, as the dust generally clings to the duct walls, although it does prevent possible fires with the build up of dirt. On top of this, the dust reduces the efficiency of the AC and heating unit, as the equipment must work twice as hard to cool or heat the facility. Having this cleaned out saves on the monthly utility bills, and your employees are sure to thank you as their breathing returns to normal. 

Green Cleaning
As the green cleaning program works downwards towards the ground level, the service company uses material that is not harmful to the environment and is not going to cause any damage to the facility. This includes cleaning supplies without flammable material, chlorine, petroleum, ammonia and other dangerous acids. This way, employees don't have to watch out where they place their hands, just in case a harmful chemical was used there. Plus, with the microfibers used in the cloths, mops and dusters, everything is picked up, so there is no dirt left behind after the cleaning process is complete, making it far easier for anyone working in the facility to breath a bit easier. Sometimes, after cleaning with standard material, some dust and dirt remain, and it usually kicks a bit into the air, which may cause some flare ups on a select few employees. You don't want to lose man hours in the workplace, simply because of the cleaning service. This reduces productivity and can cost the facility substantially. 

Green cleaning services, spanning from ducts all the way to the ground can promote healthy living and improve the overall efficiency of not only the building equipment, but also the employees working for you.


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