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What Everyone Should Know About Medical Cleaning

Posted by Chris Stathakis on Wed, Jun 06, 2012 @ 07:58 AM

hospitalYes, even hospitals need help to stay clean and as sterile as they are,that means using the right combination of staff, equipment, and cleaning chemicals.  Hospital cleaning services require experience, a detailed plan, and extensive staff training to be effective.  This can mean a huge difference between quality and just how well medical cleaning can help prevent further sickness and infection in a hospital.

Unfortunately, a poor job in cleaning at hospitals can lead to people becoming even more sick. This can cause agencies like the World Health Organization to call the attention of governments and fellow health organizations to raise awareness and help hospitals become an even cleaner place to get well.

So, what should any and everyone know about medical cleaning? There are many types of hospital cleaning services out there, and some of them even offer green hospital cleaning solutions that can help ensure better budget balancing and a safer environment for patients.

Check it out:

  • Because earth-friendly, green products can be used instead of harsher cleaning supplies, patients and employees at the hospital will have less likely reported eye, skin, and respiratory problems that arise from those chemical-heavy cleaning solutions.
  • All green cleaning products, especially ones used by Stathakis, are biodegradable, low allergenic, and non-toxic. Because of these natural ingredients, employees can work in a safer environment and productivity won't suffer from eye and skin irritations.
  • Green products are non-corrosive, non-flammable, and non-fuming--which also plays a big part in keeping people happy and healthy. Also, there is no petroleum, chlorine, ammonia, and no dangerous acids in Stathakis green cleaning supplies.
  • Did you know there is a 10 minute "dwell" time when it comes to most disinfectants? Make sure your janitorial employees are aware and don't do a rush job, or are poorly trained in procedure, because it literally means the safety and health of others!
  • The right hospital cleaning service can actually help raise HCAHPS scores, because they are highly trained individuals who understand cleaning compliance in hospitals.
  • Facilities budgets don't have to suffer from poor management and poorly trained janitorial employees.
Whether there is an initiative for the hospital to go green or simply just needs to stay clean, there is a solution and system that will put patients' health first. Stathakis just does that: making sure patients are safe, healthy, and happy. Make it count with Stathakis!


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