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Flooring Types described by a Commercial Cleaning Company

Posted by Chris Stathakis on Fri, Mar 16, 2012 @ 07:00 AM

vinyl floorFlooring” is generally regarded as permanent wrapping up of a floor. It is done using various kinds of sheets or coverings. Today they are available in large amounts of designs and materials according to the user requirement. Materials are always classified as wood flooring, vinyl flooring, ceramic tiles, stone, rubber flooring, laminate flooring etc. Choosing a floor that is durable enough, easy to maintain, healthy, and above all attractive is a tough task because of numerous choices available. While opting for a new flooring, there are various factors to be taken into account. 

Developed as "per the user" requirements, different floorings have different properties. The most commonly used ones are rubber and vinyl flooring. As the name states, rubber flooring is made from rubber. For this type of flooring there various number of formats available. They are designed for installing as a permanent flooring solution. They can be sample pieces or interlocking tiles. Rubber flooring is used mostly on playground surfaces, hospitals, restaurants, gym floors, kitchens, and  offices. These are the places where people spend most of their time. Since rubber floors are springy, they make walking much more comfortable and help reduce the risk of injuries caused by standing on hard floors. Rubber floors can also be referred to as anti-fatigue flooring because they are specially designed for easing strain on the legs and feet. Also, this type of flooring is easy to wash and dries up quickly, so in food areas this durable floor proves to be very useful. Even in places like garages and dance floors, rubber flooring is a good option to choose.

The basic property of rubber flooring is that it provides a slip-resistant surface which has a good holding capacity under heavy foot traffic. When certain companies require static control, this floor would favor everything needed. Rubber floors are non-conductive and thus prove to be beneficial in areas with electronic equipments.

Rubber FlooringCommercial flooring includes two very different materials – rubber and vinyl. Properties of the rubber floor have already been discussed. Vinyl flooring is another good choice to be taken into account. They represent a cost-effective option with little compromise to quality. Vinyl floors are best suited in locations experiencing lesser foot traffic. Vinyl floor mats do not possess the same durability as that of rubber and could face cracks over long periods of time.

Vinyl floors are not as easily cleaned as rubber. They can be washed with water or even vacuumed, but can not be pressured washed. Laundering or pressure washing might cause excessive flaking, cracking or curling. The reason for choosing vinyl over rubber mats is that they are more chemical resistant and more resistance towards moisture absorption. The material of vinyl,however, does not provide the same amount of resistance to extreme temperatures, in such situations they might crack.

The best reason to choose vinyl floors over rubber one is the cost. Vinyl mats have comparatively lower cost than the rubber mats. They might even out-score in terms of color and chemical resistivity.
The choice of flooring varies from user to user. Before purchasing, customers need to think about the following:

  • The degree of foot traffic.
  • How is the cleaning going to be done?
  • The budget available.

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