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Promoting a Healthy Work Environment with Good Coughing Etiquette

Posted by Beena Mishra on Wed, Feb 15, 2012 @ 03:24 PM

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Coughing and sneezing without using a napkin has always been considered as very bad etiquette and more so, if attempted in full public view without covering your mouth with disposable tissue or napkin. With the season of illness taking its toll on the normal lives of the human society, following simple hygiene habits could easily help the people by saving the trouble of seeing a doctor and would be much more appreciated.

A healthy work environment with proper hygiene etiquettes followed by the employees, would keep the workplace clean and also keep the business in good health. The main reason is the fact that sick employees have been known to cost businesses money. Stathakis, with its many cleaning services, including cleaning restrooms, business cleaning, and office cleaning, has been there to help the companies keep the cleanliness that is necessary to maintain the minimum level of hygiene requirements. The main problem still remains the same, being where the personal hygiene factor, mainly the coughing etiquettes of the employees, needs to be worked upon.

The simple steps of coughing etiquettes to help the people maintain the personal hygiene and thus keep the surrounding clean of germs are as follows:

  • Cover - The first and foremost thing that everyone should always keep in mind, is the fact that employees should always cover their mouths and noses with some type of napkin, preferably a disposable napkin or tissue paper. This way when they sneeze, it will keep the germs from being spread to some other person in the room.

  • Dispose - After the disposable napkin or a tissue has been used once, always dispose of it properly. This is the main reason why using a disposable napkin is suggested. A napkin that has been previously used, carries many germs. If the tissue is used for a second time, it could turn out bad for that person and if used by someone else, it would carry a good chance of spreading the germ to others.

  • Alternative of tissue - Sometimes we are caught in a situation where we might not have a tissue or napkin available and we, despite our all conscious efforts to stop it from happening, sneeze and are stuck in an awkward situation on what to do next. In such situations, we can always use the upper sleeves of our dresses, but in every case should avoid doing so on bare hands. Our bare hands come in contact with many people and thus the chances of spreading the sickness increases.

  • Cleanliness - Keep your hands clean for health at regular intervals by washing them with soap and water after every cough and sneeze. If soap isn’t available, it would be a good idea to use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol to keep the hands germ free.

Cough and sneeze etiquettes, if followed properly, could save many people from getting infected with germs and getting sick. This, in turn, could save money on doctors and medical store keepers for silly reasons like cough and cold.

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