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Chemical Free Floor Care for a Healthy Work Environment

Posted by Beena Mishra on Tue, Feb 14, 2012 @ 01:15 PM

Clarke Boost SystemKeeping floors clean can be a tough job and can also create many problems. Dust can settle very easily and if spots are left for long time periods, they can be very difficult to clean up. Floors seem to be dirty all of the time, as they do not have the benefit of being left alone for even a moment. There are many brands that offer to provide the best equipment for cleaning services. By being the best in its territory and with its vow to keep your world clean, Stathakis is one of the many Detroit cleaning companies for business or office cleaning. Stathakis uses the best brand's equipment for its floor cleaning services, which is the Clarke Boost System. We understand the need of balancing work of high quality with the desperate need of the era and the truth of tight budgets.

Stathakis has been using the Clarke Boost System for cleaning the floors for many years now. The reason is simple: The Clarke's revolutionary technology has a tendency to clean the floors six times more efficiently and effectively than any other disc scrubber using less water and no chemical usage and having a higher pad life. The benefits that the customers will receive when two brand names such as Stathakis and Clarke unite, can be understood as follows:

  • Quality with easy Operable Equipments: The easy operable Clarke Boost System, along with the expertise of the professionals of Stathakis, ends up in a quality work with perfection and ease. The first and foremost reason why Stathakis has its faith in the Clarke Floor Cleaning Products is the fact that Stathakis believes in creating a healthy work environment for everyone and thus the easy operable equipments.

  • Creates less Sound: Another reason Stathakis chose the Clarke Boost System for floor cleaning is the fact that comparatively the products create much less noise and sound pollution with its latest technology than any other product. The reduction in the sound is not only beneficial from the customer's point of view but also from the company's point of view, as the professionals are the ones who are dealing with the sound day and night.

  • Environment Friendly: One of the most important reasons why the product has been considered by the company is the fact that the product is environmental friendly. Stathakis believes strongly in keeping things environmental friendly and this product adds to their specialties.

  • Saves Time and Resources: This advanced technology of the product cleans floors approximately six times better than any other disc scrubber, using less water and chemicals. The efficiency of the crew using the product also increases, thus the product for the company and the customer saves time and resources along with the extra effort.

Therefore, the Clarke Boost System for floor cleaning helps Stathakis not only to create a better and healthy work environment for its office cleaning and business cleaning but also helps them tally with the ISSA CIMS Standards.

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