UBUNTU at Stathakis

Ubuntu is a world view and philosophy that originated in Africa. The values and ideas behind Ubuntu have real applications for our ever widening global community. 

Ubuntu at its core is about the essence of being human. It is about what it means to be human and how we best relate to our fellow humans. The driving idea in Ubuntu is:


Ubuntu is the idea that we are all individuals but we do not exist separate from each other. It is akin to the phrase, "no man is an island." We depend on one another and when we realize that this is our natural state as humans, we can adjust how we interact with each other in a way that honors our connection. In this way, Ubuntu can be used as a guide for how we interact with other people, be it at work, at home or out in the world.

The cornerstones of Ubuntu and interaction are:

  • dignity
  • compassion
  • humaneness
  • respect 
  • concern
  • tolerance

Ubuntu is about people working together for the betterment of all. In our modern world with current economic difficulties and future uncertainties, it can be hard to accept the idea that there is enough for everyone, that we can best help ourselves by also helping others. Yet it is exactly times like these that Ubuntu and the ideas around it can be helpful in connecting us with others and building bridges to weather the storms of life.

Some of the best things we can take from Ubuntu are the ideas that:

  • Problem solving is of more value than blame placing
  • Civilized dialogue helps us get to the problem & solve the problem 
  • Respect for each individual as important & valuable 
  • What is good for us as a group is often good for us as individuals
  • Cooperation & collaboration lift us up as individuals, as a company & as a community
  • Mutual support & concern for others moves us forward as a people
  • There is no shortage of opportunity for development & growth for every single one of us

Ubuntu is about community and in today's world community has come to mean something much broader than it used to. Real community is about accommodating all of us. Ubuntu, because it speaks on how humans work best together, offers ideas that fit our communities and workplaces very well.   Stathakis Culture Blog