Detroit Facilities Maintenance Services

Facility-MaintenanceStathakis works with Facility Managers, Business Owners, & Property Managers to deliver Managed Solutions in Facility Maintenance Services.  

We offer three different levels of Facility Maintenance Programs to address the individual needs of your facility: 

On Site Maintenance in which full-time Building Maintenance Technicians are dedicated to your facility.  This service is typically for larger buildings where there is a need to have immediate care to overlook mechanical systems, electrical service, and plumbing.  The benefit of this service is having a dedicated staff that knows the details of your facility to keep things running smoothly.

Multi Facility Maintenance for single clients that need a mobile solution to provide facilities maintenance services across multiple buildings.  We will provide a consistant managed service to multiple locations.  Types of facilities that utilize our Mutli Facility Maintenance Service include but are not limited to:

  • Corporate Branch Sites

  • Hospital Ambulatory Sites

  • Utility Sub-stations

On Demand Maintenance for clients who need that special attention of our Building Maintenance Technicians on less than on a full-time basis.  Typically On-Demand services are scheduled in advance or on a reoccurring basis so our clients can enjoy the benefits of their own dedicated Building Maintenance Technician on a fractional basis.  This service is often referred as Commercial Handyman Service.

Here are just some of the Facility Maintenance and Repair Services we offer:

  • Water Clean-Up

  • Ballast Replacement

  • Office Furniture Moving

  • Carpentry Repairs

  • Wall Mounting

  • Carpet/Tile Repairs & Replacement

  • Ceiling Tile Repair/Replacement

  • Ceiling Repairs

  • Door/Hinge/Hardware Repair

  • Fixture/Furniture Moving

  • Electrical Repairs

  • Furniture & Equipment Assembly

  • Group Replamping

  • HVAC Preventive Maintenance

  • Lock and Door Repairs

  • Roof Inspections

  • Trip Hazard Repair

  • Remodels/Alterations

  • Wall Repairs

  • Life/Safety Audits

  • Plumbing Repairs