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Getting Too Little & Paying Too Much For Janitorial Services In Michigan?

Posted by Mitch Hesson on Wed, Aug 23, 2017 @ 02:34 PM

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Confusing Janitorial Pricing Can Be, Well, Confusing, But It Doesn’t Have To Be

So often Facility Managers are faced with cloudy, confusing pricing and janitorial bids from their commercial cleaning companies, but really, cleaning prices should be straight forward and easy to compare. If you are searching for janitorial services in Michigan, you know finding the right company to contract with can be challenging. There are so many factors in getting commercial cleaners in Plymouth that are committed to getting it right. Then when you finally check references, ask all the questions, verify their processes and systems, you still have to understand where their prices come from so that you can compare janitorial prices across multiple building services contractors.


Understanding Where Janitorial Prices Come From

Of course you want your commercial janitorial services company to make a healthy profit, they can’t stay in business if they don’t after all. But where do their prices come from and what is reasonable? Janitorial services companies must account for labor, insurance and taxes, benefits for their employees, any direct costs like cleaning supplies, toilet paper, etc., not to mention a management fee and of course, a profit. Of course as a service business, the highest cost for a Plymouth commercial cleaning company is labor. With changes to Michigan minimum wage along with shifts health care requirements, this cost has grown significantly. On your end, you have budgets, your building’s traffic and use patterns, your overall maintenance needs, preventative maintenance and other requirements to contemplate. In order to provide you with the best, most accurate information, professional, effective, experienced commercial cleaners in Plymouth Michigan are likely to meet with you to get a sense of the traffic and use patterns, tour your facility to look at square footage, restrooms, flooring type so that they may and provide you with a detailed quote.


Are You Getting Too Little & Paying Too Much For Your Janitorial Services?

Most of us would love to trim costs from anywhere in our ever tightening budgets when shopping commercial building cleaning services in Plymouth. But in negotiating costs, there comes a tipping point where your janitorial services in Michigan are no longer making money. That isn’t good for you and it certainly isn’t good for them. The reality is that janitorial services have hard costs, the most significant of which being labor and man hours. This substantial cost can only be whittled down so far before you are left with no one to do the work. Your janitorial company must cover labor, equipment, supplies, administration and still clear a reasonable profit in order keep their business health and operating. So when you consider commercial cleaning prices, you have to look at what it costs your Troy janitorial services company or Plymouth commercial cleaning company and what YOU are getting. 


Are You Getting What You’re Paying For? What You Need?

Sure you have budgets to meet but when price becomes the sole factor in choosing Plymouth cleaning companies, you are likely going down the wrong track. Poor cleaning at the right price isn’t getting you and your facility what it needs. If you are paying for services you aren’t getting, the price is too high. If you are paying for Auburn Hills janitorial services that are failing to meet the needs of your facility, you are paying too much at any price. If you aren’t satisfied with the level of consistency and quality from your Ann Arbor cleaning service, then the price too high. Still the reality is that you have numbers you must meet and price is just a matter of reality in choosing a contractor, it just cannot be the ONLY factor you use to find a commercial cleaning company.


Low Prices & High Prices Have Little to Do With Real Value 

Price is what you pay, value is what you get. Bad service at a good price still doesn’t net you real value. Conversely, paying more for services doesn’t necessarily mean you are getting more. This can make shopping for Plymouth janitorial services very challenging. There are so many operators of all sizes and kinds in the janitorial marketplace that prices and effective service delivery can be all over the place. All too often you will ask for a number of janitorial quotes and the prices will not actually reflect the reality of what your facility needs, value or what you will really end up paying. Some companies just don’t know how to price their services correctly. Others lowball hoping to secure your business knowing they can ask for more to make up the difference later through upsells and hidden charges. Many janitorial companies will just throw a bid out there without visiting your facility or getting a real idea of what you need. Price matters, but what is even more critical is the idea of value. Again, price is what you pay, value is what you get. As a Facility Manager, your directive is to secure the best value at the most reasonable cost that falls within your building maintenance budgets. This is only possible when prospective janitorial companies provide you with clear, detailed quotes that allow you to make side to side comparisons in order to find those companies that offer the greatest value.


When A Cheap Price Isn’t A Better Deal

Cheap prices while tempting, point to illegal hiring, illegal subcontracting, subpar services and likely upcharges. Cheap is rarely the better deal. But if you are working with a dramatically reduced janitorial budget, you might start to justify too low prices or think you have to work with the bottom of the barrel with regard to janitorial companies in order to meet your numbers. Don’t settle for less than you need and don’t settle for a low tier janitorial company that isn’t going to deliver consistent, effective service. The better, more experienced commercial cleaners Plymouth are actually in the best position to both deliver more efficient service and help you make livable service cuts in order to both meet your budget and keep your facility in good condition. Experienced Downriver commercial cleaning companies use practices like Smart Cleaning to help streamline services and trim those things you can live without, keep those tings you need most, all while helping you trim the fat and stay on target.


The Best Commercial Cleaning Companies Can Help You Do More With Less

Need a cleaning service Plymouth? Established, professional janitorial companies will have the best sense of where you can reduce services and where you just can't. Janitorial Services In Plymouth Michigan understand that they can’t initiate service cuts that will create a flood of calls and complaints for you. Cuts have to be smart and make sense for your facility. Maybe conference rooms can be vacuumed just once a week, while restrooms still need to be detailed and cleaned daily. The right Janitorial Services In Dearborn will work with you to determine how to get the fundamentals covered without an appreciable drop off in service that tenants and building occupants notice and take issue with. This is what Smart Cleaning is. While you can create a cleaning specification and follows it to the letter, you can also analyze your facility with the help of your professional commercial cleaning company to determine where to concentrate services and where you can rotate or stagger other services and still get adequate facility maintenance. Smart Cleaning empowers your Farmington Hills cleaning company with the tools and processes to concentrate on where your facility needs help most while scaling back on those areas that require less attention.


Don’t Pay Too Much For Ineffective Janitorial Services When You Can Do So Much Better

You need a good price but you also need effective service when searching for commercial cleaners in Plymouth Michigan. You don’t want to pay too much but you need a janitorial company capable of delivering solid, effective service. So how do you compare cleaning quotes and determine the right Royal Oak cleaning company for you? First, you should get a number of bids from companies you already know have the capability to handle your account. Labor typically accounts for fifty to seventy percent of your cleaning costs so expect to see that. Experienced Detroit janitorial companies will spend more time touring your facility and asking you questions about what you need than selling you. Information like the square footage of carpet, non-waxed tile, waxed tile and such can dramatically impact labor hours and price. Similarly, factors like your employee population and number of restrooms can heavily influence cost estimates. With complete information, Novi janitorial service can offer you clear choices and a workable plan for the care and maintenance of your facility.

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