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Title: 5 Myths About Cleaning Companies In Michigan

Posted by Dale Saylor on Thu, Feb 14, 2013 @ 11:28 AM

5 myths about cleaning comapnies in michigan resized 600The national economy has struggled to regain its footing the last few years. Because of our heavy reliance on the auto industry, we here in Michigan have particularly felt the pain. However, things have really turned around in the last couple of years and with the big three domestic auto companies in the United States having reestablished their dominance in the world auto market, things are looking up. As a result of Michigan’s economic difficulties, many business owners and operators have tried to hire their own part-time janitors or delegate building maintenance tasks to other employees that typically either lack experience, lack the motivation or desire to make cleaning a part of their job description or are already overburdened with a staggering work load.

In most cases, this experiment results in failure and higher costs in terms of business image, customer opinion and even low employee morale and higher turnover. With the struggling economy in Michigan, many people have come to believe some ideas about the labor market and cost that just doesn’t prove to be true. Cleaning Companies In Michigan still offer the best opportunity to get your facilities properly managed in a cost-effective manner. Don’t let the myths surrounding cleaning companies in Michigan come into play when making vital decisions about your building management services. Look at the facts, look at the numbers and check referrals and references until you find a Michigan cleaning company that you trust to professionally handle your building maintenance services and protect your valuable reputation. So how do you separate fact from fiction when deciding how to delegate your facility’s cleaning services?

Myth #1 - Wages have come down in Michigan.

Why labor wages remained flat in the period between 2009 through 2011, wages rose dramatically in 2012. Still, with cleaners often at the lower end of the wage scale, just because you can hire someone at a low wage doesn’t mean you aren’t going to expend considerable resources training and managing them. A wage is just one part of the real cost of another employee.

Myth #2 - Labor should be much easier to find with high unemployment.

Many people that are unemployed don't want to take a lower paying job than the one they were laid off from. Couple this with multiple unemployment benefit extensions and there are many unemployed who fair better not working. Finding good people is as hard as it ever was. A professional cleaning company in Michigan is already well versed on managing cleaning staff, as well as the administration necessary for benefits, withholdings and insurance.

Myth #3 - It is easier to hire my own part-time janitor. 

Again, wage is just one part of the real cost of additional employees. When you outsource to a cleaning company in Michigan, you get to focus on your business and managing your key staff. Although most business people are tempted to do many things themselves, a wise businessperson also recognized the value and economy of hiring the right company for the right job and then letting them do that job. Multitasking with your building’s cleaning services rarely works, either the job gets done poorly and sporadically or sometimes, not at all. Outsourcing your maintenance to a trusted Michigan cleaning company saves you money, time and headaches in the long run.

Myth #4 - Anybody can clean a building.

The professional Facility Managers know this not to be true. Why anyone can claim to know how to clean, cleaning multiple buildings that are hundreds of thousand square feet can be a daunting task for even the most experienced contractor. The only way to be sure that a company is capable is to make sure you thoroughly screen cleaning companies

Myth #5 - All cleaning companies are screw-ups so I will just hire the cheapest one. 

Unfortunately, as a result of the economic downturn and higher than usually unemployment, some individuals view a janitorial company as a business they can enter into with no special skills or overhead involved. Like any business, that is simply not the case. Cleaning companies in Michigan require an understanding of business, management and customer service that is the result of years of effort and experience. The fly by night operations that have flooded the market have contributed to a sometime less than professional standard in Michigan that has had a negative impact on an entire industry. The reality is that there are still many professional, respected cleaning companies in Michigan that deliver consistent, high quality work at a fair price.

Although it can take a little time and effort to find the right cleaning company in Michigan, your employees and customers alike will thank you. When you offload your facilities management to a trusted and respected Michigan cleaning company, you get to focus on your business and your bottom line.

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