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WARNING: Is Restroom Cleaning Killing Your Co-workers?

Posted by Dale Saylor on Wed, Nov 28, 2012 @ 10:29 AM

Restroom Cleaning resized 600Is restroom cleaning killing your co-workers? Hopefully not, but it's pretty safe to say that no one enjoys spending time in public restrooms. You don't know who else has been there, what their habits are, or how long it's been since it was cleaned. Without professional cleaning tools, supplies, and skills, public restrooms become even scarier. What is there to be afraid of?
  • Streptococcus. This nasty bacteria is the culprit behind strep throat, meningitis, bacterial pneumonia, and other infections of the mouth, skin, intestine, and upper respiratory tract.
  • Staphylococcus. This genus of bacteria includes over 40 different species and can cause a wide variety of diseases.
  • E. coli. This bacteria can survive outside of the host for extended periods of time.
  • Shigella bacteria. Shigella causes dysentery.
  • Hepatitis A virus. Tens of millions of people worldwide are infected with Hepatitis A each year. It generally occurs where there are poor hygiene standards.
  • Common cold. The average adult contracts 2-3 colds per year because the virus can survive on surfaces like faucets and counter tops.
Nobody wants to be repeatedly exposed to these dangers, but, unfortunately, public restrooms are havens for such bacteria and viruses, and here's why:

1. Faucets. Think about the faucets in public restrooms. People come out of the bathroom stalls and touch those faucets with their dirty hands. Then they turn off the faucet with wet hands, leaving the existing bacteria with water to feed on.

2. Sinks. A study at the University of Arizona in Tucson found that sinks breed more germs than any other fixture in public restrooms. Bacteria and viruses need water to survive, and the stagnant watery environment provided by sinks is exactly what they need to survive and reproduce.

3. Toilets. Every time a toilet is flushed, germs from feces propel into the air. Over the next few minutes, those germs settle back down onto the toilet itself and any other object close by. It's easy to see why restroom cleaning should be frequent and regular. 

4. Towel and toilet paper holders. Toilet paper holders, installed right next to the toilets, are in the perfect position to become coated with germs. Towel holders, likewise, are handled by people with wet hands who may or may not have used soap while they were washing.

Clearly, restroom cleaning is a dirty job. That is why restroom cleaning is best handled by janitorial services who have the systems, techniques, equipment, and skills to take care of this tricky job. A sanitized restroom that looks and smells clean will impress your customers, employees, and co-workers. You can work with a janitorial service to set up a restroom cleaning program that fits with your needs, budget, and schedule and won't require the time and energy of any of your employees.

Restroom cleaning doesn't have to be an onerous task that gets put off until nobody wants to go in there anymore. A regularly scheduled restroom cleaning will go a long way with everyone who uses it. Truly clean restrooms, shiny from top to bottom, are important, not just because they're pleasant to be in but also because they're healthy. People are more productive when they aren't passing the common cold around the office. Help them to stay healthy by providing them with sanitized restrooms.

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