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Green Cleaning Services Confessions

Posted by Mitch Hesson on Wed, Sep 12, 2012 @ 08:08 AM

Tricia Onesian

by Tricia OnesianGreen-Cleaning

Green Cleaning Services Confessions

People are becoming more aware of their environment. The green cleaning consciousness movement is a result of a paradigm shift in the world perspective. This has lead to the rise in green cleaning services.

So what exactly does a green program include? The whole purpose is to clean and do as little damage to the environment as possible. The janitorial companies are Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) certified, indicating that their procedures for cleaning rank high in green conservation and awareness.

Why green clean you ask?

If you want to increase your LEED ratings, using such services is the way to go.  With elevated LEED points, there are other perquisites. Your building stands to be among the elite platinum buildings (80 points) when green cleaning services are used.

Those associated with high LEED ratings stand to get tax breaks from the government. There is improved performance from employees since environment is conducive and healthy. Another benefit of having a high LEED rating is the reduced cost on overall budget. You get to reduce the impact on the environment when it comes to pollution and things like gas emissions.

Some say that the initial cost of going green is high. This may be true although under Life Cycle Costing method, this cost is shown to be significantly lower in the end. The operating cost of your building will be lower over a longer period compared to uncertified LEED buildings.

CIMS-GB certified green cleaning services understands and implement LEED procedures. Apart from providing the necessary cleaning functions in the building, they ensure they do it in a way that increases LEED EBOM points. The higher the points, the better the rating of the building becomes.

This means that even if you have undertaken all procedures to become ‘green’, there is still more you can do. You have recycled, reduced water wastage, managed energy consumption, and reduced the carbon footprint of your building on the environment. What more can you do? Green cleaning program.

How do you identify a good green cleaning service?

First, make sure that they have all the relevant certification. They must have certification from the governing body showing that their practices are all about conserving the environment. Besides providing quality services, these companies are required to show that their services does not harm the environment.

ISSA CIMS certified cleaning companies is the best way to go for getting that extra push in your quest for green compliance and green potential.

The second thing you should do is to shop around. Various companies offer green cleaning. Prices will be different together with the quality of the work that they provide. Choose the one that suits both your budget and your taste for satisfactory services.

Going green is all about collective awareness. You are part of a movement that is aimed at restoring the balance of nature. Pollution of the environment can only lead to dire consequences for all of us. It is time you did your part. Call for green cleaning services today!


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