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How to Measure Clean [Janitorial Inspection] with an ATP Meter

Posted by Dale Saylor on Tue, Jul 03, 2012 @ 07:28 AM

ATP MeterFor many years measuring clean has been very subjective. One might say that “clean” is in the eyes of the beholder.  However, there continues to be rapid change in technology that has brought some high solutions to some low-tech problems. Such equipment includes the ATP Meter.  ATP stands for Adenosine Triphospate. This meter provides instant information in a janitorial inspection on how to clean the surface, which is done by measuring the levels of contamination. This meter is easily affordable and can be used in office buildings, schools, hospitals etc. The more the reading indicated on the meter, the more contaminated the surface is. The results shown by the meter is accurate and can act as a tool to maintain a clean, hygenic surface.

Benefits of ATP Meter:

  • Cost Effective
  • Easy to carry and use
  • Helps Facility Managers to measure performance
  • Proof of service
  • Instant results
  • Helps in constant improvement of facilities
  • Sets a standard for cleaning
  • Provides a figure to clients on their cleanliness
  • Promotes comfort and protects health
  • Reduces health hazards

In order to know that we are getting desired results from cleaning, we need a tool that can show the results. What may look clean to us can be contaminated and cannot be seen through our naked eyes. This is where technology of the 21st Century kicks in. In the corporate world, figures speak for themselves: which can be of sales, earnings or profits. The ATP meter can provide a proof of service instantly with accurate figures to the BSC’s (business service contractors) and can help them with expansion and keeping their business. In industries such as hospitals and restaurants, cleaning is more intense and done more frequently. This makes an instrument that can detect the level of contamination on surfaces,  almost a necessity.

crtitical points

The figure above shows a measurement taken by an ATP meter in an office building (measured in RLU’s), with respect to the critical touch points at the most contaminated areas. The ATP detected Carpets, Computers, Desks and Restrooms as high on the scale, followed by Toilets and Dispensers.

The use of an ATP meter can result in constant improvement of facilities, as a standard for cleaning is set. ATP meters are acknowledged by ISSA and CIMS standards, which outline quality and effective cleaning. The use also provides comfort to facility managers and protects the health of people working in the building, by reducing health hazards. 

How to use an ATP meter

The ATP meter is easy to carry, as it is portable and simple to use as well. The use comprises these easy steps:

Firstly, perform cleaning where cleaning needs to be done. After cleaning is performed the surface is now ready for ATP meter to show us its magic. Simply swab an area making sure the contact is made on all sides of the cotton swab. Thirdly, snap and squeeze the swab to release the liquid. Insert the swab into the meter and results are then displayed within seconds on the screen.

Stathakis beleives in "Open Book Inspections" with all their customers.  Clean is not clean unless their clients say it is clean.  That is why Stathakis shares all information regarding the cleanliness of the facililties they clean with both their clients and employees.  A janitorial inspection is designed to openly communicate clients needs to the employees in the field who can deliver service.


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