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Contracting Restroom Cleaning Services - Is It Worth the Money?

Posted by Bob Abraham on Wed, Apr 25, 2012 @ 07:03 AM

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Attaining and maintaining a sanitary state in today’s buildings, especially restrooms, is a challenge, yet one that’s very important to both employee morale and public health. Restrooms are the areas in the building which require the most frequent attention and can make or break a customer’s impression of a business. Failure to have  sanitized germs and infection free restrooms may result in fewer work days for your employees, due to illnesses and thus productivity as your business decreases.  It is important that these areas be cleaned completely and properly to remove the harmful biological hazards and reduce the risk of disease. It isn’t good enough to simply clean for appearance.

Therefore, you should not be surprised to know that restrooms consistently generate more complaints than any other area of the building.  Let’s take a look at some restroom complaints of buildings:

Typical Restroom Complaints of Building Occupants

  • Empty dispensers
  • Soiled bright work and fixtures
  • Dirty mirrors
  • Urine on walls and partitions
  • Dirty HVAC vents
  • Soil and debris littering the floor
  • Dirty floor drains
  • Graffiti
  • Foul odors
  • Plumbing issues with sinks, toilets, and urinals
  • No adequate lighting
  • Dirty or broken door knobs and handles
  • Dirty floors and walls

If you contract a commercial cleaning company, the question raises is it worth the money? The answer is YES, simply because commercial cleaning companies offer specialized training to their employees. These workers are familiar with the latest equipment and products obtainable.  Their specialty is creating an orderly, healthy, and clean ecosystem. The cost of hiring a professional company that cleans will cost much less than having an in-house crew to maintain the premises.

You can easily contract the restroom cleaning to a professional commercial cleaning company. Their cleaning is much more efficient and incurs fewer expenses. In addition, commercial cleaning services are also more professional and their service is usually of higher quality. After you have hired professionals, such as Stathakis, you can rest easy and forget about the entire process because everything will be taken care of by the service provider.


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