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The Magic of Microfiber in Business Cleaning

Posted by Bob Abraham on Wed, Mar 14, 2012 @ 07:00 AM

Microfiber TowelThe invention of the microfiber cloth has been the greatest innovation in the household industry. These cloths are basically synthetic fibers made of polyesters and polyamides or can be a mixture of polyamide and polyester. What separates them from the others, is their softness, water repellency, durability, absorption, wicking abilities, and electrodynamics. They are far more superior to normal sponges and cotton cloths. A single strand of microfiber measures less than one denier. With microfibers, money is not an issue. They actually help to save money in the long run because they provide 99% cleaning with water itself. They are made up of microscopic polyamide and polyester fibers that have a unique chemical structure which provides them tremendous absorption capacity. Unlike cotton cloths, there is no need to use solutions or chemicals while cleaning. They can be used wet or dry, with or even without chemicals.

These magical fibers have the ability to penetrate the finest particles of dirt, oil, and even bacteria from any surface. Ordinary cotton cloths have rounded threads which help in only pushing the dirt particles along the floor leaving behind a wet residue. The microfibers can actually capture and pull dirt and oil particles in the internal loops of the cloth. The results are truly exceptional for cleaning and dusting. Microfibers are easily washable and can be re-used for about a minimum of 500 times. The size, shape, and combination of microfiber cloth is selected as per the use.

The application of microfibers have been widespread. They are used not only for cleaning floors, but nowadays are used frequently in athletic garments, sports apparel, and cycling jerseys. The material draws away the sweat from the body, which helps in keeping the wearers dry and cool. Their high absorption capacity does not let the wearers get drenched in sweat, unlike cotton cloths. They make you feel very comfortable no matter how sweaty you are. The elasticity of the microfibers makes it an ideal material for undergarments of men and women.

Microfibers are very soft to touch and highly durable enough for general clothing purposes such as jackets and skirts. They are useful in making woven, non-woven, and knitted textiles. Clothes made up of microfibers also retain a good shape.

Today the application of  microfiber has been extended towards  tablecloths, furniture, and car interiors. Microfiber makes them liquid repellant and resistant to stain. These “special” cleaning cloths are highly useful in cleaning photographic lenses, computer screens, mobiles, iPhones, iPad, and eye-glasses because of their non-abrasive property. Without causing any harm to the surface, they easily absorb all the oily matter without leaving behind any residue.

This cloth also has its hands in commercial cleaning. Various cleaning products, including mops, are made up of 100% polyester microfiber cloth and have the capability to hold up to six-seven times their weight in water with an exception ability to absorb oils. Microfiber cloths even last longer without getting stretched or torn and require less effort to use. They can be used to wash all sorts of floors, walls, furniture, and other things without any need of solutions or detergents. These cloths are easy to wash in any ordinary washing machine, with or without using any sort of detergent, for any number of times without losing their softness.

Today microfiber cloths are very easily available at any grocery store or can be shopped online. Though their initial cost can be more than any normal cotton cloth, the return on investment in the long run are worthy of the upfront costs.     

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