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Working with the Right Cleaning Service

Posted by Dale Saylor on Mon, Mar 05, 2012 @ 07:00 AM

The recent era has seen enhanced focus on the image that a corporation projects on its clients (as far as  housekeeping and janitorial services of the company are concerned). Corporations  have been known to take their pick from the most reliable and experienced cleaning companies that provide cost effectiveness for their office cleaning and janitorial services.

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The projected image of the corporations  to its shareholders, clients, and society depends mainly on restroom hygiene and other such public areas of the company. Healthy work environments have been known to boost the employee motivational level and thus their effectiveness too. The main reason that companies have been focusing  on working with the right cleaning contractor, is the fact that they must  manage the cleanliness of the company with cost effectiveness. In other words,  they have to complete their corporate social responsibility to create a proper image of the brand in  society. With shareholders on their tails to cut costs and return on investments,  the pressure begins to intensify.

The most important criteria for selecting a cleaning and janitorial services company are as follows:

  • The work quality:- Though the range of service providers in this criterion is absolutely wide, the inclination of most of the companies is towards the best.

  • Responding time:- The responding time of the cleaning contractor to be chosen is preferred to be the least.

  • Types of services provided:- The companies that choose the cleaning contractors often go for the one that serves their purposes best. The cleaning contractor should be capable of providing corporate cleaning and other such specialized  services based on their customized needs.

The customized criteria that a company could go for while choosing a cleaning contractor are as follows-

  • The geographical location that allows the contractor  good access to the material and labor .

  • Experience that the cleaning contractors have with them and the turnover rate that they face.

  • The customer retention capability of a cleaning contracting company.

  • The quality standards that the contractor maintains.

  • The safety records of the contracting company and the number of training programs that the company has provided to its employees.

  • Cost-effectiveness of the contractor.


  • Do they use properly documented workers..

ISSA CIMS GBStathakis, an ISSA CIMS-GB certified janitorial company, has been providing all the cleaning and janitorial services or business cleaning services, that are needed to keep one away from cold and flu in this season of high alert.

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