Size matters in commercial cleaning

In the commercial cleaning industry there are generally three sizes of janitorial services available for your business:

The first one, “Mom and Pop,” is for small businesses that only need the basics. The second, the mid-sized local cleaning companies, accommodate everything above the Mom and Pop scale and under the large, multi-million dollar countrywide accounts. National janitorial services typically go after those very large accounts, the ones that have a national presence.

However, because of their familiar brand name, and seemingly low pricing bids, many smaller companies make the mistake of outsourcing with them. It’s a mistake they often regret when, from other facility managers, they learn of the many benefits the local companies have to offer.


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Big Old Dinosaurs

Because they are the giants of the cleaning industry, national janitorial services are regularly referred to as the “big old dinosaurs”. This is because their massive size allows them to sign on with the biggest accounts, cross state lines, and easily o

Their national presence gives them the typical bureaucracy present in any gigantic operation. The red tape and maze of administrators can become a problem for you when emergency situations arrive. Overlook their smaller accounts without any fear of going out of business.

Furthermore, another big difference that sets national janitorial services apart from the rest is that they mainly focus on making a huge profit return so they can keep their shareholders pleased. It’s this mindset that drives their administrative offices and their level of service, not a commitment to quality service or a great reputation in your community.

More and more facility and office managers are realizing the troubling reality of outsourcing with national janitorial services. Their initial low prices are not worth it when you add up the time and money you waste waiting on service and cutting through red tape.

For these reasons and more, locally based, mid-sized cleaning companies such as Stathakis are becoming the industry favorite. We maintain a regional presence, keep money in the local economy, and are familiar with the area we serve. Our origins are right here in Southeast Michigan, giving us the character and the values you seek to keep your facility looking its best.



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