Our Customer Care Program

Customer CareStathakis has created a culture centered around the needs of our customers, we call it Complete Customer Care, or C3. Each C3 principle solves real problems that our customers have encountered in the building services industry.

Problem: "Is this really what I paid for?"
Stathakis C3 Solution: Open Book Pricing — We go through every line item on your bid, then consistently deliver what you paid for.(Learn more)

Problem: "I can't get ahold of someone in charge."
Stathakis C3 Solution: 10-Minute Response Guarantee — When you call the Stathakis help desk, you are guaranteed to get a call back from a manager promptly. (Learn more)

Problem: "I spend too much time managing the companies I hire."
Stathakis C3 Solution: Open Book Inspection — These are proactive tools we use to keep you up-to-date on tasks done for your facility. (Learn more)

Problem: "It's hard to get consistency, because their team keeps changing."
Stathakis C3 Solution: Open Book Management — This program keeps Stathakis employees loyal to our company and dedicated to your business. (Learn more)

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