High-Traffic Area Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Stathakis knows that not all facilities have the time or need for a full office carpet cleaning. As an alternative to a full-building commercial carpet cleaning, we offer carpet cleaning services that only target the high-traffic areas within your building. 

You specify what areas of your building are the most used, and our professional carpet care team ensures that they recieve a fast and thorough clean that leaves high-traffic areas looking new again.



By scheduling interim high-traffic area carpet cleanings between annual full-building carpet cleanings, you can ensure that your facility continouslly looks its best. High traffic area cleanings are a critical part of lengthening carpet lifespan and improving indoor air quality.

High-traffic cleanings can be included in Stathakis' Carpet Appearance Management (CAM) programs, which relieve the headaches associated with the upselling gimmicks and scheduling mishaps of "those other carpet guys". 


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