Employee Screening

janitorial safetyStathakis hiring practices are above-board and thorough, including mandatory drug testing, criminal background checks, reference checking and personality testing. Every member of our staff is a legal employee, fully trained and properly covered by insurance.

Once cleared to work in your facility, Stathakis requires employees to wear uniforms and photo identification badges. Supervisors drive marked company vehicles when visiting your facility.

Stathakis employees also receive full training to preserve their safety and the safety of those around them. Monthly safety training includes MSDA, blood borne pathogens, job safety analysis and the Haz Com Program.

Stathakis promises:

  • To thoroughly vet all prospective employees.
  • Clear identification for all Stathakis employees at your site.
  • Complete training in safety best practices for every Stathakis employee.

employee screening