Environmental Policy Statement

Stathakis remains committed to preservation of the earth’s natural resources by creating, training, implementing & sustaining environmentally preferable procedures in the following areas:

  • Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Selection Procedures
    • Environmentally Preferable Chemical Selection Procedures
    • Environmentally Preferable Consumable Supplies Selection Procedures
    • Environmentally Preferable Materials Selection Procedures
    • Environmentally Preferable Equipment Selection Procedures
    • Environmentally Preferable Packaging & Shipping Procedures
  • Environmentally Preferable Cleaning Methods & Procedures
  • Environmentally Preferable Recycling & Disposal Methods & Procedures
  • Environmental Policy & Procedures Training
  • Environmental Policy Continuous Improvement Plan

Environmentally preferable
is the best current solution to minimize or eliminate any adverse short or long term impact to the environment insofar as it is practical for the area being cleaned.Definition of terms:

  1. Chemical is any solid, powder, paste, liquid, gel or gas that is used in the cleaning process.
  2. Consumable supplies are those that are used up during the cleaning process that are not chemicals, e.g., disposable gloves, absorbent matting, paper products, etc.
  3. Materials are those items that are re-used in the cleaning process but are not as durable as equipment, e.g., mop heads, microfiber or other reusable cloths, etc.
  4. Equipment can be any item that lasts for a year or more, e.g., mop buckets, maid carts, vacuums, scrubbers, vehicles, etc. Equipment is usually a capital investment, though not always.

This commitment is part of Stathakis’ overall objective to provide a healthy & safe working environment for our employees, customers & visitors that is aesthetically pleasing to all.

Stathakis invites you, our employees, customers and vendors, to become intimately familiar with all of these procedures and adopt them, not only in the workplace, but in our everyday lives. If we all do our part to preserve the environment, we will leave a better home for future generations.